Friday, April 9, 2010


Last Thursday Chris took the day off and we hit the road with Lila and nieces in tow to Gale Woods luck would have it we hit their Farmyard Fun Days and got to cuddle with some week old lambs, spy on some baby pigs, cluck with the chickens, felt some wool, and climb some excellent time was had by all! (I highly recommend if you live in the twin cities...and think farmyard visits are one the best mommy perks out there)

Hanging around all that hay got me to thinking on this new overall trend that seems to be creeping up...mind you, overalls might be one of my few fashion nevers, but I have to admit these all look mighty tempting, no?
Even so, during the Guess overall craze of 1986 I stayed firmly in my black acid wash with zippers...
Clockwise: Ralph Lauren, 2 cute street photos by Ms Jackman of course, and J Crew...
What say you girls? Will you be citifying your gardening gear?


  1. Most of your photos are not coming through. Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. Carrie - Is it just this post or the whole blog? Thanks for the heads-up...

  3. I can see them fine, and sometimes I have trouble at work.
    I love going to our children's farmstead out here.
    The overalls are not tempting to me though. They were not good for me then, and they are not good for me now. LOL!

  4. I looooove overalls! Always. And not just on my daughter ;)


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