Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Momday - Eco Edition

Yeah, yeah...I know - Earth Day was last week...but shouldn't every day be Earth Day?  Did you do anything special?  Create some new eco resolutions for the year?  I think moms must be some of the most environmentally conscious people on the's pretty hard to nuture something inside you for 9 months arnd not become hyper aware of what going in and around your if our post baby eco conversions come from a selfish place I still think that's pretty positive for the planet...after all if we aren't protecting it for our children and their children then who are we taking care of it for?  Even though I've scaled back from my eco-crazy pregnancy days we're still pretty green around our house...but, always room for improvement - Here's what I'm working on - what's on your list??

Ban Plastic - now that plastic water bottles have become the Hummer of the 2010's I'm looking for other ways to take plastic out of the biggest crutch? Plastic ziploc baggies and produce bags...and I hate to wash and reuse them...there are lots of cute reusable options now but how about freezer bags? anyone?  I like the simplicity of these...
Did you know that there are trash swirls in the oceans twice the size of Texas that are 90% plastic?? Shame on us...

Meat Free Mondays - of course I had to pick something backed by lots of trendy celebrities ;)  but did you know that livestock production is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions?  My hubby's not going to like this but I backed down on the recycled toilet paper so he's giving up meat one day a week...

**Update - Carrie raised a great point below in that most of the problem is with giant factory farming and the way livestock is raised...we have great local, organic, grass fed sources for meat in the Twin Cities such as Co-ops, Clancey's...last year I even signed up for a meat CSA through Sunshine Harvest Farm...go Team Local!!

Tackle My Compost Bin - last mother's day my husband gave me a very nice, expensive compost bin (which I requested) and I still haven't really made compost...I filled it up right away but must not have gotten the right mix because a year later it's still not quite right :(

Remember my Reusable Shopping Bags!! - Why is this so hard?? These baggu bags are so darn cute you could use them all the time...

Curb my Paper Towel addiction - this is just pure laziness on my part...maybe if I invested in these pretty linen ones I'd be motivated to use them?

Happy Monday!


  1. The compost bin is on my list to do for this summer. My problem is that I don't garden. I know...awful right? Hubby wants to start a garden though. I stopped using ziploc bags as well. I use wax paper for sandwiches and such. For produce, I just put everything in the netted reusable produce bags I have at the store, then clean everything when I get home and store them in containers. I am also on a paper towel withdrawl. I use reusable cloths (Method makes great ones) for cleaning and wash cloths and sponges for everything else. We go meat free twice a week...and I am married to one heck of a meat eater! One of my goals for the year has been to cut back on packaging as well. This has been a huge undertaking!

  2. I had to comment about the livestock production. I think most of the problem actually comes from the way the animals are being raised - global greenhouse gas emissions are just one of the many horrible problems associated with our industrial meat production system. Our co-ops have lots meat available from healthy, sustainable farms where the animals have been an invaluable part of the cycle. This is all explained much enlightened people in Food Inc., Fresh, Food Fight, etc.! And the Omnivores Dilemma. Love your blog!

  3. Tina! You are way ahead of me - very impressive...and not gardening isn't awful if you don;t enjoy it :) But it can be rewarding and pretty easy...thanks for the tip on Method - love that you can find them at Target
    Carrie - you are so right - and we are so lucky to have coops and places like Clancey's here in the Twin Cities!!


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