Sunday, April 4, 2010

If These Walls Could Talk...

I've been on a little art binge are some things that are waiting to be hung, and waiting to be purchased...okay - home decor-o-philes...I guess you're rubbing off on me...

Of course lots of pinks, lovely watercolors, a little whimsy...
Castle (via design*sponge), Serena Mitnik-Miller, CD Ryan

caroline rogers

and illustrations - my favorite!
What are on your walls these days?

Oh! and I can't believe I almost forgot these from for my bath and if the bear was any color but red it would be mine as well...


  1. oh my goodness so many amazing lovelies. I am especially smitten on the water color waves. so pretty. Reminds me a bit of Raymond Pettibon.

  2. aren't those the best...and of course the ones totally out of my price range :)


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