Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Mom - What's for Dinner?

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Whether you are a work at home or stay at home mom I'm willing to bet that the question of "what's for dinner?" falls squarely on your shoulders 99% of the time...sigh, wouldn't it be nice if someone called you up at least once a week and asked what you were hankering for that evening?  Even if you are an excellent cook, trying to juggle a crying baby, clingy toddler or busy schoolkids can make getting a meal to the table a less than appealing task...
One of my lovely readers asked what my best quick and healthy dinner standbys were so here's a little run down of my fast favorites, and I would be BEYOND thrilled to hear yours:

1) First and foremost, I am pretty adamant about using organic and local whenever possible...I'd rather splurge at Whole Foods than on those pair of shoes I'm lusting after - the payoff in the health of my family is worth spending a little more, plus, having good ingredients makes turning out a good meal so much simpler...a CSA is a great way to keep a steady supply of local veggies or a backyard garden can be suprisingly easy and productive (if you need a little inspiration pick up a copy of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle)

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2) a trip to the grocery store always means a rotisserie chicken for dinner - is anything easier and more versatile?  a healthy veggie - we like green beans sauteed w/olive oil, garlic, & dried cranberries - and a grain...done! Plus, you have leftovers for stirfry, salad, or chicken stock...

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3) Maple Mustard Salmon - mix a glug of maple syrup, 2 T grainy mustard, and a splash of soy sauce, salt & pepper then brush on salmon and cook under broiler for 5 minutes, flip, remove skin, and brush on remaining sauce, broil a few more minutes and serve with a salad, roasted potatoes, etc

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4) Slowcook Chicken Tacos - So easy, from the wonderful Shayla: In a crockpot cook 1 lb chicken breasts, 1 jar of your favorite fresh salsa, and 1/2 cup honey on low...about an hour before dinner break up chicken into smaller pieces and raise heat to high...the result is juicy, shredded chicken...serve with tortillas, rice and black beans...I LOVE these pickled onions on mine...

5) Pasta with Sausage - I'll refer you to Raising Foodies for this one...I like mine with caramelized onions, chicken sausage and greens - heaven!

I also like to make:
 - big batches of turkey spaghetti with lots of carrots & greens and freeze half
 - a japanese influenced stirfry (tofu, mirin, ginger, soy sauce, edamame) over udon noodles and a generous dose of Eden Shake
 - pizza topped with all our leftover CSA veggies...

always in my pantry:
really nice Sea Salt
Maple Syrup
Grainy Mustard

Can't Live Without:
Smitten Kitchen
How to Cook Everything

I also like to get Lila involved when possible (but let's face it - sometimes letting them watch a quick show while you cook in peace is lovely)...I bought her this crinkle cutter - very toddler friendly - and let her sit on the counter, peel onions, chop apples and snack on edamame...

So what's for dinner at your house tonight?


  1. I always try to make dinner while the kids are at school. Helps start the week off right.

    Three bean soup, mixed green salad and homemade garlic bread.


  2. i'm gonna try that slow roasted chix for tacos..sans the your blog!

  3. The slow cook chicken tacos look fantastic! I'll have to try those ASAP. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Yummmm...
    I love to cook so much and I plan for the week in advance.
    Tonight is skillet pizza with pesto, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, spinach and mozzarella. I made Pinapple Banana Coconut Upside Down cake for dessert.
    I'm a big fan of local and organic as well. I also try to just use as many whole foods as possible.
    Seriously...I could talk about cooking and swap recipes all day!

  5. I'll have you know that I was preparing salmon last night for dinner and remembered your maple mustard sauce! It was great! My family and I thank you!:)

  6. This is my dilemma every night and I'm terrible at cooking. The tacos sound great and easy! I just saw Food Inc. which made a real impact (duh!) on me. I'm trying to make more of an effort and have found myself enjoying meals so much more.


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