Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {14} - Joy Stark

Remember my friend Joy of the delicious Thanksgiving feast?  Well, I've been secretly wishing she'd start doing more columns for Pretty Mommy but you know, she's well, a little busy - working, biking, baking, schooling, rowing, running around I was super excited for her to share her everyday obsessions and I'm hoping for a little more Joy in the future ;)


In my closet
Tee: Any brightly-colored v-neck.
Jeans: Loving my Loomstate revelation fit jeans which are skinny without being leggings and don't stretch out too much.
Accessory: Sunshine and Shadow neon tie-dyed scarf, so versatile, adds a punch to any outfit. Looc has them in Boston.
On my feet: Michelle turned me onto Loeffler Randall shoes and they've been a nasty indulgence (albeit, infrequent) ever since.
Also, I couldn't survive the non-stop rain we've been having in Boston without a classic khaki trench coat and the very elegant Pare umbrella my best friend gave me several years ago.


Beauty Secrets
Skin: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is effective, yet gentle and smells like cucumbers
Make up: The glow I get from riding my beautiful bicycle everyday.
Scent: Kai, when I remember

In my kitchen
Cookbook: Alice Waters Chez Panisse Vegetables, a must-have if you subscribe to a CSA and the Rebar Modern Food Cookbook, an incredible vegetarian cookbook from a restaurant in Victoria
Gadget: Inexpensive Japanese mandoline makes slicing and dicing vegetables and fingers incredibly fast.
15-minute recipe: Guacamole: Mince: Serrano pepper, 1/2 small white onion, 1/2 cup cilantro; Combine with juice of one lime, 2 ripe Haas avocados, pinch of salt.
Can't live without ingredient: Just got turned onto smoked paprika and I want to sprinkle it on everything!

Walls: A work in progress. However, I love the Tara Donovan poster I bought to remind me of her incredible exhibit at the Boston ICA.
Bedding: John Robshaw
Flowers: I adore peonies and french tulips
Favorite Design Source: Michelle!

Pop culture extra credit
On my nightstand: The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. I just started reading it and it's so delicious I can't put it down.
On my tivo: I don't have a Tivo, but I'm slowly trying to get caught up on Mad Men.
On my iPod: Lately I'm listening to Band of Horses, Bon Iver, Mates of State, Peaches, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kid Cudi, Beirut and Passion Pit the most.


  1. No pics coming through again. I love your blog, but half the time we can't view your lovely photos!

  2. Rebar is a restaurant in Victoria, not in Vancouver.


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