Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Good Excuse To Buy Music...

Say, did you know today is Record Store Day?  That's right, no downloading from itunes - go hit your local, indie shop and pick up some new discs...(read more about it here)

In the spirit of Coachella, might I recommend revisiting a classic from the currently reunited Pavement?  They were my favorite band in the 90's (until an unfortunate run-in my friend Kat and I had with Steven Malkmus almost ruined them for me...) I still love this pic of him though...

My hubby just went out and splurged on this special Wilco LP boxset that's only available for Record store Day:

Also, isn't it kind of humorous how Coachella has become such a fashiony thing now?  I totally dig this pic of model and photographer Hanneli from there but really don't relish the idea of having to "dress" for an all day long outdoor affair...even this Pretty Mommy just wants to don her cutoffs, flipflops, and rock tees every now and then...

Happy Weekend!


  1. My friend is at Coachella right now...and she saw Zooey. Oh, She & Him. Love! Sigh. Jealous!

  2. Mama road trip to Coachella! Let's go! And no...I am not bringing anything but t-shirts and flip flops. :)

  3. Dude. I met El Malkmus in an elevator and was so overcome with love/fear/lameness that I believe I babbled some nonsense. Wah!


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