Friday, January 15, 2010

This should keep you busy...

I'm totally obsessed with my Google can load it up with all your favorite blogs and then, if you are like me, you can read them all on your blackberry/iphone while you are putting your kids to bed etc...(only because I happen to have a child that doesn't go to sleep with out mama and I have a hard time sneaking away at naptime). My favorite feature is starring items I like and then I can go back and reference them later! Genius! (I know - I'm so behind in all this technology crap - you already knew all this right?) are some things I liked from the blogosphere this week:

Little Bean's Spring Collection sneak peek,  I Want To Go There - all of Garance's Rio posts,  Green, green , green at The Sartorialist

Live here - via Seesaw, Make This - Smitten Kitchen, Shop Here - via Arrow & Arrow

Romanian Inspiration - via Banquet, Ice Lanterns - Design*Sponge, Coloring Book roundup - Smaller

Plus, this funny rant about Luke Wilson - A Continuous Lean, these awesome DIY boats - Papier-Mache, Girls who wear Turbans - Jak & Jil , Icelandic Poppies - Design*Sponge, and my new favorite house - The Selby...

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Google reader is a life saver. I too am addicted to it and catch up when my 4 year old finally goes to bed!


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