Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dress Your Nest

Over the years I've spent most of my money on pretty clothes and pretty much neglected the decorating of my home. So I live in a mishmash of IKEA, antique finds, and a few really nice pieces when I worked at an amazing home store. Add the clutter of an overindulged toddler and it's a design disaster. I do have one sanctuary from the mess and that is my lovely bed topped with beautiful John Robshaw linens. I first discovered this gorgeous collection when searching for a crib set for Lila that was not your usual cutesy baby bedding. I took one look at the Kashmir set and promptly fell in love. (It was beautiful and Lila slept her crib maybe, oh, once !? But that's a whole other blog topic) The quilts are the perfect weight, the blockprinted sheets a great pop of color. A bit of an indulgence but when you spend as much time in bed as you do with a baby then totally worth it! I say skimp on the furniture as there are plenty of great IKEA and West Elm options and go luxe with your accessories. It's the home equivalent of h and m with and hermes scarf and louboutin flats!
Sweet dreams...Xoxo Michelle


  1. hah, i'm in the same boat! all i've been buying lately are sheets, towels, frames, and chairs. the bad thing is that i still want pretty clothes...

  2. it's so hard to choose! I feel like I'll never have a "grown-up" house....Have you ever been to Layla in Bklyn? She has the prettiest towels, etc...


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