Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ma Vie En Rose

It's not very cool but my favorite color is...PINK...more specifically, you can usually find me in a pale, peachy, slightly nudey pink...the shade that looks so lovely with gold...but after falling in love with the Lanvin Spring Collection and spotting these lovelies from Vanessa Bruno I'm ready to take it up a few notches into hot Valentine's Day, Barbie pink...I'm loving it paired back with red and nude too...

Siince I won't be walking any red carpets soon - I'll pick up this red cardigan from Jcrew, toss on this Lizzie Fortunato Necklace (soon at the store), this pale pink tank...some slouchy jeans, and these gold desert boots...voila! almost feels like spring!
Lanvin Photo - Tim Walker for Vanity Fair, Vanessa Bruno via Seesaw


  1. As the mother of a girl, I have to say that I usually can't stand pink. I hate the oversaturation of pink in the girl-child demographic. But done tastefully, pink can be sublime. I love the combination of pinks in the first photo. My husband just got a pair of those desert boots, and I am so jealous that I'm having a very hard time not ordering a pair for myself.

  2. I agree that there are many, many horrible pink things for little girls but when it's right ....mmmm love!!


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