Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hearts For Haiti - MPLS

For all my twin cities readers:
What a great idea! My friend Kristen forwarded me this info:
Looking for a way to reach out and help earthquake victims in Haiti? Please join Red Ribbon Studio for a photo shoot fundraiser to raise money for The American Red Cross earthquake relief efforts.

Here is the deal. . .

1. Call Maribeth at 952.237.9496 or email ( to schedule a 15 minute sitting.

2. Bring someone (or the someones) you love for a photo session at your scheduled sitting time. Donate a shoot fee of your choosing directly to The American Red Cross. You get the tax receipt.

3. Photos go up online for print orders.


Maribeth Romslo

Red Ribbon Studio

vibrant. fresh. joyful.


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