Monday, January 4, 2010

Building Blocks

New year, new you...blah,blah,blah...
Every January I'd love to purge my entire closet and start from scratch...but since that is definitely not in my budget I thought I'd share my most useful purchases from this season as some building blocks for your wardrobe

I've nearly worn out this Splendid Blazer
- done in a soft jersey, you get the boyfriend blazer look with the comfort of a t-shirt...I've been layering it over this:

super soft and cozy Athens Tee - I looove the length and flowy fit! I've always had a love affair with men's white vnecks and this is the perfect femme version. My high school obsession used to wear them and though that's long since faded these tees are still totally crush worthy.
I've already raved about these:

But I love them so much I had to get a second pair in black - James Jeans Twiggy - Black Cat - which look very rock'n'roll with these:

Vena Cava for Converse limited edition shoes...I got these for Christmas and they haven't left my feet! Thanks mom!!
To top it all off I've been switching between my Lizzie Fortunato pieces and these:

Archive Tiny Watch Necklaces for a delicate contrast.

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