Sunday, January 10, 2010

Staying Warmmm

I am not friends with winter... I've never woken with delight at a snow covered lawn, never yearned for a white christmas, and certainly never longed for sweater weather to arrive...when my husband told me he had decided to take a job in Minnesota I rather dramatically cried "but I'm a flower that needs full sun...I'll wither in the shade!!" or something to that effect.  So you can only imagine my mood when the temps dip below zero as they did this weekend.  Unfortunately, when you're a mom throwing the covers over your head and staying in bed isn't an option so Lila and I bundled up and headed out for what ended up being a lovely day...we hit Grand Cafe, one of my favorites, for a cozy, yummy breakfast and then headed to the Como conservatory to shed our layers and take in the tropical greenhouse temps.  I highly recommend a trip to both!  Where do you go when winter is getting you down?


  1. sounds like a great mother-daughter day. you two are such an adorable pair. unfortunately, E and i do things like go sledding, so i guess you don't really like our idea of winter fun. i've never been to the conservatory before. sounds cozy!

  2. Well, I usually leave the sledding to Chris but I did have fun snow tubing...once!


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