Friday, November 12, 2010

Waxing Poetic about the Small Things

Thank you for letting me indulge in a little pity party yesterday...Your lovely comments always, always make my day a lot brighter!! Next week, I have a lot planned - mini guides to Palm Springs & Venice/Santa Monica, a new roaming Blog Exchange to sign up for, the return of Everyday Obsessions, and always, always new goodies to add to your wishlists (including some for growing bellies)...but for Friday I though I'd throw out 3 little things that always cheer me up...
 1)My best gal pal, who's 3, always, always wants to go out for lunch, likes nothing better than cuddling with her mama, and is never stingy with kisses - major, major crush

2)Drive-thru Coffee - seriously why isn't everything drive thru? The fact that the one Caribou drive thru is mere blocks from house makes me giddy...and when will someone invent healthy, local, organic drive thru takeout??

3) Mexican Food - sometimes merely cutting into a lime is all is takes to lift my mood, and diving into a plate of delicious enchiladas, tamales, etc takes me to a whole other level...last night I made this pork green chili on Rebecca's recommendation and had to restrain myself from a second (okay third) helping - it's a good thing I was out of yeast for the Sopapillas I was planning on for dessert (via Homesick Texan - LOVE her)...also a huge Rick Bayless fan and use his Mexican Everyday cookbook as well

So what simple things take you to your happy place? Hope everyone has a lovely, lovely weekend!!
xoxo, M


  1. Yes, endless kisses do it for me too... every time:). Have a happy weekend (w/ lots of kisses)!

  2. 1.) NOTHING is sweeter than tots running on the beach. Makes me smile til my face hurts. 2.) What an awesome photo of you and Miss L. SO PRECIOUS! 3.) I heart Caribou coffee. The drive thru is so awesome and they put a little chocolate covered espresso bean on top of your cup. Like a special treat! 4.) Tomales are the bomb. I'd love to make some killer tomales.
    I am so glad your spirits are up. Hope your weekend is bliss!

  3. Your gorgeous. Apparently we don't get enough photos of you. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your blog title fits you perfectly! Your photos are precious :)

  5. You two are quite a fetching pair! So glad you tried—and enjoyed—the chili. I keep it in the "faves" section of my recipe file.

  6. You girls are too kind - it's the reflected glow off that little blondie making me look good ;)

  7. oh my gosh! what a beauties you and your little pumpkin are!!

    and i totally feel ya on the green chili and posole- i'm from New Mexico and nothing beats that regions food, in my humble opinion! fun factoid- posole is traditionally a Christmas food :)

  8. what a cutie patootie your girl is!

  9. yay for a photo of you + your gal pal ;-) you ladies are awfully lovely!

  10. So funny...your 3 things that make you happy are the same as mine. Just today as I drove through Starbucks, I was thinking how wonderful it is when you HAVE to HAVE it but have a toddler in tow. I said, "hiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee" into the intercom and she sing-sang, "hiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee" back to me...and then we both laughed. And I also love Mexican food & Homesick Texan!! And my sweet 2.5 year old who got into my red lipstick today...but that's life :) This post made me smile! xo


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