Friday, November 5, 2010

Weather Whiplash...

Even though I hate to think about it, the reality is that I will be headed back to winter temps soon...
Fortunately I found a few things around blogland to warm my heart about the prospect a bit...First, Miss Peony (cute name, huh?) in her cozy camel sweaters, leopard skirt, and GOLD nailpolish...a little obsessed I am...via Vanessa Jackman

a cozy/glamorous firepit to keep warm...via Joy's Pinterest

 a super sexy sweater - via the impeccable Kate

and a genius little teacup to get me through the mornings - via Heidi's Pinterest

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! I'll be coming to from LA on Monday...whohoo!
xoxo, M

ps - for those of you who aren't sick of my PS adventures - here's the hotel visit rundown:

ACE - lunch at King's Hwy - fab, loved the whole scene, would definitely stay there if we didn't bring kiddo
Viceroy - facial at Estrella - loved how small & intimate it is and loved the little villas...great spa but not really a hang out
Parker - Pedicure at PSYC - BEYOND! The best place to spend a day getting pampered...and the grounds, etc are pretty amazing...

pps - sorry! totally dropped the ball on the Recipe Exchange today but one of my favorites Jessica of {civetta} is up tomorrow!


  1. That leopard and camel outfit is divine, though I the shoes are a bit extreme. And the firepit...oh, the firepit.

  2. ummm how fantastic and genius is that mug?!

  3. i was just dying over those gold nails. we're sharing a brain today ;-)


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