Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Party's Over

Honestly, if I wasn't pregnant I'd be sitting in the bathtub right now with a giant glass of wine (ps it's 11am)  What is it about having a fabulous vacation that brings on the "back at home" blues? Could it be the 16 HOURS of travel time we suffered through on Tuesday (traffic, power outages, snafus, ugh!!) Could it be the fact that my cc number was stolen AGAIN and I had to call numerous times to get it rectified? or the hour I just spent on the phone with Qwest to correct the enormous incorrect charges they were milking us for?? oh, and bah humbug, I'm already sick of the holidays!  Sorry - just needed to vent a I allowed to do that on the internet?

About the only thing making me happy right now is this Sam sweater that I plan to wear all winter...I picked up 2 (one stripes and one ivory) at Steven Alan (where it's on sale in store - not online)...and the fact that I have 2 episodes of Friday Night Lights & Gossip Girl waiting on my Tivo...
I promise to be good tomorrow...xoxo, M


  1. I feel the exact same way coming home from Sonoma- and drinking a glass of wine upon our arrival home IS a yearly tradition (our feeble attempt to 'bring the wine country to us).

    Venting does a body good (since wine is not an option:)!

  2. I got that same sweater back in August and it makes me so happy. Returning from vacation, however, definitely does not.

  3. Darling, we ALL have those days. Sorry it's one of them for you. And yeah, it's always hard and overwhelming to come back from a great vacay. It'll pick back up soon.

  4. you are totally allowed to do that!
    i'm sorry you're having a rough one friend.

  5. Oh lady, vent away. Please. We have all been there and offer you so many sympathies. And I'm guessing the pregnancy hormones are not exactly helping you out at the moment, huh? Hang in there.

  6. gg always seems to make me feel better!!!


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