Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Postcard from Palm Springs

Dear Minnesota,
I'm sorry but we will have to break up (I know our relationship was tenuous at best)...I'm staying out west - I need to wake up with the sun on the mountains, warm up in desert temperatures, take a mid-afternoon dip in the pool, grill on a patio surrounded by lemon & grapefruit trees, and have drinks under palm trees outlined by the sunset...
xoxo, M

ps - can you tell I'm a bit smitten with Palm Springs? The little house we rented is beyond cute, has a perfect pool and Miss L is in heaven...oh and it was a super deal - highly recommend for for a family getaway this winter...a few blocks from a playground as well...

pps - Danielle from Domestic Dish is up for the Recipe Exchange today - her last recipe was fantastic so I'm looking forward to this one as well

image of The Miller House designed by Richard Neutra


  1. 29 degrees here in cambridge this morning. brrr. i miss california.

    isn't it amazing how you become hyper-aware of playgrounds once you have little ones? hope you're having a lot of opportunities to rest and enjoy your vacation!

  2. A perfect vacation in my book.

    Looks like you picked the right spot:).


  3. So great to hear you're having a great time! PS has a charm like no other. You have to experience it to know it. Have fun:)

  4. Oops! Got off to a late start, but finally posted by breakfast show stopper...Enjoy the sun!

  5. welcome my friend. The weather has been insane. LA/Venice will be a dream. Sarah xx

  6. Yay! Have a blast, I love PS. Can't wait to see what undoubtedly cool things you bring back :)

  7. glad you're having fun! it's freezing here in the midwest.

  8. I want to say how jealous I am of your vacation but really I'm just so happy for you. It sounds fantastic and I cannot wait to hear more about it. Hope you were able to soak up every bit of warmth and style and relaxation as possible. Please do share as much as you can!

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