Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm...

I tucked my computer away this morning and after L went to preschool puttered about, quietly eating the most delicious satsuma oranges (aren't they so pretty with their leaves on?), drinking a pot of genmaicha and indulging in a private at home yoga was the perfect way to start the beginning of the holiday season and reflect on what I am truly thankful for...and a great reminder to find little moments of calm in what can be a stressful time of the year...I hope everyone can indulge in a bit of down time this long weekend to restore - Happy Thanksgiving!!
xoxo, M

ps - if you are in the Twin Cities I can't think of a better treat for yourself or your best gal pal than an in home yoga session with Sarah Jane - she ends with really amazing meditations...(just make sure the UPS man doesn't knock right in the middle - argh!) and if you just have 5 minutes to yourself she recommends doing Legs Up The Wall Pose

pps - If you like beating the crowds and shopping in your pjs the sale is on over at the shop - 25% off everything when you enter "holiday" at checkout!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle! I am so grateful that our lives (e-)crossed paths.

  2. Happy Thanksgiivng. I wish I had time for a relaxing day before the storm too. Well, I will be relaxing on black Friday - no shopping for me.

  3. Yum! Satsuma Tangerines! My favorite fruit I just bought my second box of the season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your growing family :)

  4. Oh, genmaicha is one my absolute favorite flavors in the universe. So satisfying. Love hearing about your at home yoga session. What a gift to yourself. You totally deserve it. And I'm going to do some legs against the wall this morning. I'm sure I need that. Happy day, friend.


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