Thursday, June 10, 2010


A little hippie, a little glam, a lotta style...Madame a Paris Sophie Tunic, DVF snow leopard one piece, Torsad sandals, Nomadic Trading Company Sarong Towel (genius! terry on the flip side), Korres Sunscreen, UO Sunglasses...and a can't live without a big glass of ice tea...

Okay, let's discuss...I don't generally have a lot of body issues...not because I'm in great shape...
just generally accepting of the fact that I'm a 5 ft, classic pear shape who loves to eat...
but then swimsuit season rolls around...yikes!!
So this year I'm embracing my inner Marilyn...
and promising to hit many yoga classes in the near future...

PS - a great summer reading list here (these were my faves)...and the lovely Tina has a fab playlist of tunes 


  1. Hey there sweet girl! Thanks for the shout out. Getting a musical compliment from the gal who is married to the music writer is more than a little flattering.
    Marilyn is gorgeous (just look at that picture!)and we curvy girls should embrace her! I still can't picture you as a wee bit shorter than me... :)
    Hope you and L are having fun on your trip!

  2. P.S I NEED that tunic...swoon!

  3. i wish marilyns curves were embraced by EVERYONE! they are realistic..she is such a beauty!


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