Monday, June 28, 2010

Full Moon

On Saturday my lovely friend Shayla had a "full moon" blessing/party with amazing group of women...yes, that is as new agey as it sounds and it was perfect...sometimes my little gen-x, jaded, cynical, too cool for school vibe needs some uplifting girl power to get me back on track...we lit candles, talked about our passions, frustrations, and had blast seeing some old friends and meeting new ones...I think that's one the amazing things about being a woman is our ability to be open to having experiences beyond surfacey chit chat, no?

My "hippie mama" look...dress from Mexico, braided belt - target, beaded sandals, windy mink earrings, hair in fraulein braids...

my "dream" hippie mama look...Mysie long dress, Raffia Clutch,  Gold sandals, Robindira Unsworth Bangles

We drew goddess cards and I keep getting the same one - Yemaya - Golden Opportunity... Love it...

kisses to all you amazing women & for connecting us together Shayla!! my golden opportunity was getting to hang with y'all for the night...


  1. oh my gosh I must move closer to you or you might need to move to Cardiff by the Sea. I am obsessed with my new moon nights... unfortunitly {I am having a hard time spelling right now} they happen once in a blue moon ;)... but I get so much out of them and feel so good after. we must meet lady!

  2. So great to meet you and this wonderful event! We need to do it more often!

  3. Love this. Totally agree that we need activities like this every so often to lift us out of our jaded day to day. Sounds like it was a perfect evening. Girls are the best!


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