Friday, June 4, 2010

Sex & the Huh?

Remember that last episode of Sex and the City? ...this dress, Big makes the big romantic gesture, Carrie reunites with her friends in New York, and then she gets a call on her cell and we finally find out Big's real name?? Kind of, why, oh why couldn't it have ended there?? Sure if you have a few drinks beforehand the movies are.....ummm...entertaining...but the smart, funny, real girls found on HBO?  I miss them...

Honestly we (and them) deserve better...that being said, this was my fashion highlight from 2...those shoes...wowsa!!


  1. Hi - I am in complete agreement - the second film was just not a patch on the series. Such a shame....looks like they cashed in and forgot about story line and clever writing and character development. Oh well - the shoes were still something to behold. Lou x

  2. i am sooo with you. I have to say that I have been totally entertained for one and two. One being a bit better in my opinion. And yes those shoes and the opening outfit was fabulous. BUT i love the pure SATC that is so good. Carrie at her computer smoking a cigarette, analyzing fabulous men and wears.

    And I love when Big was Big and not John Preston... who is that guy anyway?

    Oh my god... I could go on and on....

    BTW do you watch Mad Men? Remember when Carried dated the Senator "Sterling" what is wrong with me I am 30 and I think he is so sexy.

    Okay that is all.......

  3. so i saw the movie last night and i think i need to post my opinion on my blog today..but WHAT was that movie?! SATC on was action packed..over the top overload..i was entertained but missed heart-warming moments...

  4. It just really became pure camp...the more I think about it I'm kind of insulted...the show was smart, heartwarming, and consistently had clothes I wanted in my closet...this movie...humphh!

    Alexis - yes "Sterling" is totally hot!! That was one of my favorite fashion seasons from SATC...when Carries channels politco's wife...LOVE!

  5. I wrote about this too...and so funny because I felt the exact same excitement about those shoes! Anyway, I miss the series and I thought the first movie was great...but truly what I loved about the 2nd movie was Charlotte and Miranda's struggle with motherhood. Really, I think their storyline kind of stole the show.

  6. I completely agree. I miss the good ol' sex. I just watched the 6th season again for the umpteenth time but I'm not really that excited about the newest flick.


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