Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {17} - Haydee Sentianin, Happenstance

I love opening my reader and seeing a post by Haydee of Happenstance because I know it will be something that either makes me laugh, is totally unexpected or is completely a little breath of fresh air in the sometimes repetitive blogland...and I'm pretty sure she's that cool mom that you want to hang with even after the playdate is over...check out her Everyday Obsessions & blog and I think you'll agree!

In My Closet
Tee(s): Loomstate and Free City. Is it weird that I stretch out the necks on my tee's? 
Bottoms: Usually my jeans (boyfriend or skinny), but I am in love with my green, twill trousers   from Anthropologie.  My J.Crew black Toothpick jeans are pretty unstoppable too right now.
On my feet: Havaianas hands down.  I think I had every color at one point. 
Accessory: Since I'm always on the go with the kids it's got to be their diaper bags.  I've never liked traditional diaper bags so I use an old Orla Kiely bag of mine for my daughter and the J.Crew canvas overnight bag for my son.  Side Note: When I bought the Orla Kiely bag years ago I told myself that if I ever had a daughter this would be her diaper bag–and it is:)
Jewelry: Do sunglasses count?  Hopefully because I've been wearing my Dita Berreta sunglasses forever! I'm particularly excited about my latest obsession which is my new mens watch from Nixon, called The Capital–I am in love with it.

Beauty Secrets
Skin: I've been a fan of Kiehl's for what seems like forever.  I've used their Pineapple Papaya Scrub and Sodium PCA moisturizer for eons.  I love their formulas and of course their minimal packaging.
Make-Up: I use Mac for basic blush and concealer but have incorporated Bobbi Brown's foundation stick which goes on really well.  And I recently switched to Covergirl Lash Blast and so far no regrets.  I love wearing lipstick when suitable, but more often than not I find myself applying Burt's Bees lip balm instead.
Scent: Burberry Classic. Took me a very long time to find a scent that I really liked and I've stuck with it ever since.

Walls: Michael Leon's “California.”  It represents the fact that both Eric and I were born and raised in California and that we met through the skateboard industry–if you look close enough the image has eight holes where trucks would go on a skateboard.  I also love our print of Andy Davis' “Summer Love.”  It makes me happy and represents summer perfectly.
Bedding: Simple, clean, white linens!
Flowers: Pink peonies please.
Accessory: The kids tricycles and push cars.  We have hardwood floors which makes it easier for the kids to ride around on.  They've definitely mastered some maneuvering skills through the dining room and kitchen.

In My Kitchen
Gadget: My Breville Juice Fountain.  Feels great knowing the fam is getting all colors of the rainbow when it comes to veggies.
Can't live w/out item: Our Kohler Smart Divide sink.  It has a low basin divider that allows me to hand wash a cookie sheet and large pots and pans like nobody's business. And of course I don't know what mornings would be like if Mr. Coffee wasn't there for us.

Pop Culture
On my nightstand:  Kate Spade desk calendar , my Bible, copy of Richest Man in Babylon which I just started reading–I know, I'm a little late to this party.
On my DVR:
30 Rock – Lemon, Jack & Kenneth–need I say more?
English Premier League Soccer – Both Eric and I played soccer so we're into watching the games.  I like Rooney from Man U, he's a pitbull.
9 By Design – Fascinating to watch the family dynamic.
Parks & Recreation – Between Aziz and Aubrey Plaza's sour face, I'm hooked.
Closing Bell – I love how Maria Bartiromo can wax poetic on the financial industry and also looks like she can party.
F-1 Racing: This is mostly an Eric thing, but I grew up going to indy car races so it works.
In my Ipod: First five to pop up on shuffle.  Ready?!   
Sonic Youth, “Kool Thing”
Beck, Jay-Z & Pharrell Williams, “Frontin' On Debra” (Do yourself a favor if you've never heard this song, Beck's part gets me all the time–super funny).
Estelle, “American Boy” (feat. Kanye)
*We just had a serious dance party.  Music is good for the soul!


  1. What a fun read! Going to have to check out some of your links.
    New to this blog too. LOVE IT!

  2. such a great list!! love Andy Davis and I love that print sooo much! + Lemon... I love her!

    oxo, alexis


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