Monday, June 21, 2010

Somewhere, Sofia, and The Chateau

I know, I know...everyone and their mother has posted this Somewhere trailer...but I'd be remiss in my status as Sofia's biggest fan if I didn't I've watched it about 10 times now...LOVE Julian Casablancas singing the Stokes demo and psyched that it's set at Chateau Marmont which I have a teensy obsession with...I've had some weird adventures there...seen many crazy famous people in it's halls including a run in with ANNA WINTOUR!!! ...and Matthew Modine singing "Blue Moon" to a friend and I at 2am in the lobby while eating chocolate cake...sigh! I would love to live there for a month...

ps - Did you hear Sofia had her second baby - congrats!!!


  1. Oh, I do love Sofia's sense of color and light.

  2. oh my gosh I am dying to see this! and I too have a huge CM obsession... here is my story... Ross and I got a room for our one year anniversary. I was so excited... we got up there walked to check in and they told me that I had canceled. OMG I went from happy {basically} newly wed... to psycho lady in 1 second. They bummed us!! I was crushed. Any way after a huge stink they paid for lunch on the terrace where I got a little bombed, sitting right next to Lindsay Lohan {and her broken arm}. They paid for our stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel and the bell man told us that it happens all the time. Even after all that I still want to stay there. ;)

  3. wow you must have a very exciting life! :-D

  4. Wanderer - yes, aren't her films lovely!
    Alexis - that's crazy!! you definitely deserve a return trip
    Islandfairy - haha - only once in a great while (well, exciting in other nonglamorous ways)

  5. wow those are insane day we'll have to have a drink and have you give me full details ;-)

    i've watched the trailer over and over too!

  6. Alexis..what a terrible story! I would have pulled in the big dogs and gone ballistic!
    sometimes movies need to be re-posted and re-posted..this looks like a great one!!!!i could watch over and over! xox

  7. OMG, Love it! Maybe we will have to meet at CM for a long weekend and see if we can reinvent some of those moments. Sometimes I fantasize about that Matthew Modine experience...


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