Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere...

A bit of our summer so far...isn't it flying by?
Ate about a hundred spinach salads all from my garden...
Lots of inspiration in Fanny at Chez Panisse
A cake from this book, the first peonies, and lovely, lovely lavender

Staying cool at the Zilker Nature Preserve, hitting Sno-Beach for some coconut & cream...
The mobile food trailers in Austin are out of control!
running though the gardens at East Side Cafe, and petting turtles at the Botanical Gardens

Lots of garden porn...peas, herbs, mache & arugula, lilies...growing, growing, gone!
a Leo for this leo & my Japanese Maples
Lunch at our favorite cafe
an attempt at an "outfit pic" a la Joslyn...
layered tees, boyfriend jeans, chunky necklace & t-strap clogs - a bit of a uniform until it warmed up - I've since moved on to my much preferred diet of dresses
all pics by me - shocking, I know...


  1. I'm new to your blog (and shop) and loving it. Just wanted you to know. :-)

  2. Your little miss is way too cute!

    Love the uniform, but it's 92 today and jeans have, sadly, been retired for the time being...

  3. it looks like a totally fantastic summer so far and I'm totally digging your outfit!!!

  4. oh summer is going by too fast!! SLOW DOWN... is it really almost July? these photos are making me enjoy the moment {hoping that time will slow down}.

  5. great shots of all the wonderful produce!!! Looks like you have a healthy summer ahead!! Keep eating from the garden...

  6. your garden is gorge..come help me!!!

  7. Wow, your garden veggies are impressive! Looks like you're having a great summer so far and we've only just begun!:)

  8. jora - thank you!!
    rebecca - finally too hot for jeans here too!!
    aww Thanks J!
    Alexis - I know! summer is too fast...
    Sarah - so lovely to eat from the garden, no?
    Catherine -thanks!! the secret is lots of expensive dirt :)
    Haydee - we have to pretend summer starts as soon as it hits 70 in Minnesota or it is just too short!!

  9. What gorgeous photos! I love the way you have laid them out too


    Lucy Laucht


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