Friday, September 30, 2011

Tea & Tivo

Summer Goals via Elissa's pinterest
Whoa! Is it Friday? For reals? I'm ready to veg out, drink tea, hit the famer's market and go for long walks...(okay, what I really want is an evening of quiet with my husband & tivo...too many episodes of Rachel Zoe, Gossip Girl, Parenthood and Project Runway are begging me to turn off the computer and zone out...yes, sad I know...).  But, if perchance I get out of the house after dark I'm dying to see Drive and get a drink at the Marvel Bar...anyone want to join me?
xoxo, M
ps - so much new goodness at the shop - New, AMAZING Dream Collective - yay!!, super groovy Lizzie Fortunato, and yummy, yummy MCMC perfume oils...more on that next week...


  1. Drive is awesome, can highly recommend it! I had double dose of gosling goodness last Friday with drive and crazy stupid love and it was so good. So if you manage to steal a few hours they would b well spent in the cinema.

  2. ohh, so excited you have mcmc fragrances. I've been wanting to try those.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Wonderful photo and suggestions - have a fab weekend!

  4. I'll join you! (in spirit) ;)

    So, inquiring minds want to know...who's your favorite on PR?


  5. I have been dying to try one of those fragrances. They seem divine. Have a good weekend, love.

  6. I love a hot date with my tivo. Had one last night after Em went to bed. I got to watch all sorts of trash tv I missed while in New York. It was the best!


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