Tuesday, September 20, 2011

D.S. & Durga

 We hand craft perfume & cologne in small batches using premium—sourced ingredients. Taking inspiration from such diverse sources as antiquated herbal wisdom, native ritual medicine, old perfume manuals, geography, history, & gastronomy, D.S. & Durga strive to create palatable scents for gentlemen & ladies of discerning taste. Each unique scent is presented with the story of its inspiration—whether it be Early American beaver trappers or Edwardian England’s fascination with the exoticism of the East. Our processes are time—consuming & low in yield—both factors that place quality of product far above quantity — something rare today in the world of fine fragrance. - D.S & Durga

Continuing in the vein of handmade in the US, I'm so excited to introduce D.S. & Durga to the shop...(a little birdie told me about them...)...hand crafted, small batches, gorgeous packaging and the scents are AMAZING! I'm partial to the crisp but soft Coriander and My Indian Childhood would be a perfect  cozy fall fragrance...oh, then there's the grapefruit....mmm...I love how complex the scents are yet none are the least bit overpowering...
xoxo, M

ps - Doesn't Kristen Stewart look unbelievable here? I hardly recognized her!


  1. ... I swear it's like you find everything on the internet I've ever loved and put it in your shop. Beyond thrilled to have someone I can directly question about My Indian Childhood (it sounds so amazing/like it would make my Texan October feel like an actual autumn. Yes?). And, of course, the branding is gorgeous gorgeous.

  2. I think this is pretty good inspiration for a daily use ;) Could you please tell me where can I find it.

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  3. I have to second Tory's comments. Your shop is amazing! I wish I could see it all in person.

  4. I saw the write-up in W and folded over the page to remember and investigate it. You are making my life easy! Wish I could smell My Indian Childhood...I'm so intrigued...

    And yes, when I picked up the magazine, I totally didn't recognize her! I love how W does unique photo shoots. They have had some awesome ones lately.

  5. Nice! I have been wanting to buy shake shake senora from them for a while. dying to smell their other scents!


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