Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Good Start

Good Morning! How was your Labor Day weekend?  We ended it with a gorgeous night at Minnehaha falls enjoying some Bluegrass and fish tacos at Sea Salt...the weather has been amazing, as if someone flipped a switch and suddenly fall arrived overnight...(if only I could transport it to Texas, those fires around my beloved Austin are just heartbreaking)...I know many of you have littles off to school this week so here is our favorite way to start a crisp morning...a few years ago I discovered Oat Bran and was forever converted...I much prefer the texture to traditional oatmeal, it cooks up super fast, and I think is a little more palatable to kiddos as well...we mix in a healthy scoop of applesauce, a dash of cinnamon & ginger, a generous swirl of agave plus any fresh fruit hanging around...you can easily hide some healthy additions like flax or probiotics as well!  Bon Appetit!  
Okay, I'm off...crazy, busy week ahead..lots of new to add to the shop - Marais shoes, Heidi Merrick, Object & Totem - and Dallas for the pop up shop at Little Bean on Friday...
xoxo, M


  1. I still haven't eaten breakfast and this picture is totally killing me right now! What I wouldn't give for that bowl...

  2. I know... such a sad state of affairs in Texas.

    We got a little of fall over here as well- a sudden downpour of rain, thunder, & lightening on Sunday night... magical moment (fnl made it more magical :)).

    I'm adding oat bran to my grocery list! Can't wait to make- and sounds like it will be 'better-received' by my kids than oatmeal has been of late. Thanks!

  3. yum, we will try this!

    my girls have been on a steel cut oats kick lately. but they are the "quick cook" version from trader joe's. they like a few cut up dried apricots in it with some honey and cinnamon.

  4. I can't wait to hear about your pop up shop! I just know it's going to be amazing and I'll be so jealous. ;) I hope you post loads of photos and a great recap!

  5. I love everything about this photo!!! Sounds like a great way to start the day :)

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