Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Want - Banquet's new year of the Rabbit print...for the 2 bunnies in the family...

Need - Call it blogger peer pressure but after seeing this Chemex coffee set up (first spied at Joslyn's - and don't I usually want everything on her loving posts?)) on a number of blogs I almost ordered one just for pure looks...but after tasting Moonshine's Chemex brewed creations at the Fulton Farmer's Market it promptly moved into the NEED category...found here

Wear - two things on my wish list - the Emersonmade Butterfly Caftan & the LemLem Tena Drape Jacket sold out the first day they went on sale...so I'd head over to their respective websites and get on the waitlists for the next round - whew!

Read - the absolutely fantastic "Balance" series on Cup Of Jo last week featuring moms like Jordan Ferney, Elizabeth Antonia, and Deb Perelman discussing how they balance motherhood with work, marriage and life...I Loved hearing their daily routines and knowing I'm not the only one trying to fit work in between naptimes and playdates...I'd love to hear how you "make it work" - anyone want to join me on Friday and write their own balance posts? Here are some of her questions...
1. What's your work or blog schedule?
2. How do you handle childcare?
3. Where do you work/blog during the day?
4. What do you like best about your current set-up?
5. What do you find tricky about your current set-up? What would you change if you had a magic wand?
6. How does your husband contribute to managing the juggle/house/childcare?
7. Do you have time for yourself? What do you do during that time?

Hope everyone is staying cool!! It's positively soupy outside...
xoxo, M


  1. As my kiddos get older (Miss I will be in kindergarten this fall!?), I am looking at slowly transitioning back into the work world. I really loved reading the balance series as well, because I actually had to leave my job because negotiating the work/family balance was so challenging. I'd love to hear about your story, too. I'm taking notes for the near future! xo-k

  2. Oh man, I've been wanting a Chemex SO bad. You just made me want one even more! Ha! :)

  3. thank you SO much for including me, i'm so flattered!! xo

  4. I just love going over to my bestie's house for a Chemex brewed cup of joe. I understand the shift from "want" to "need". I can't wait to travel to Chicago tomorrow for a visit.

  5. I purchased a chemex after reading Joslyn's blog. I love it.

  6. Okay, as a bonafide Coffe Gal? I need that Chemex. WHY am I the last to hear of everything? And I have been loving the balance posts on Cup of Jo. Seriously. I just went over there today and saw her little post of Caftans and mentioned your shop and those lovely ones you had. I am coveting them.
    Would love to participate Friday...if I remember!

  7. oh how i wish i could figure out the perfect balance. lately, it's been all smoke and mirrors...but at least i've found bits of wisdom through all these amazing words of other mother's via cup of jo. i'll look forward to stock-piling mother-knows-best brilliance come friday's posts!

  8. I'd love to hear more stories about balancing motherhood and work - count me in for Friday, too.

  9. getting on the waiting lists for those caftans as well - love them!

  10. the chemex is great! and so easy to rinse out/re-use!


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