Thursday, July 7, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read x 2

For the next installment of want/need/wear/read I enlisted my Boston bestie Joy Stark - She's the first person I turn to for reading recommendations (she totally gets my half fluff/half substance vibe) so I can't wait to dive into her reading recommendation...and because I couldn't resist a list of my own it's a two-fer one day!

Joy Stark:
Want - I have plenty of bikes designed to go fast, but summer calls for a bike made for leisurely riding. The balloon tires on this bike will deliver a smooth ride on even the bumpiest of Boston's streets.

Need - iPad2- Apple's iCloud announcement sealed the deal for me. 

Wear - Gorgeous flat sandals so that I don't tower over my boyfriend as we dance the night away at summer weddings. 

Read - I can't wait to dip into this new novel, which is getting great reviews, during my own Maine vacation.

Want - I've long been saving my pennies for a Serena Mitnik-Miller watercolor of my own so I flipped when I saw this Earth print at a price I can afford until then...(and how lovely is she photographed by Leslie Williamson?) part of the proceeds go to Charity:water

Need - while Joy towers above me at a long and lean 6 ft my shrimpy 5 ft frame leaves me a bit height challenged at times...last week my favorite kitchen stool broke and I've been borrowing Lila's chair to reach my top shelves...I love this woven stool spotted at Montmarte...any thoughts on where to score one?

Wear - my favorite Converse bit the dust a while back...and while I've had flirted with pairs of Bensimons and Toms my heart truly belongs to some beat up classics...time to invest in a new via Trina

Read - Joy sent me The Paris Wife last week and I've already read it cover to cover...a fictionalized account of Hemingway's first wife's time in Paris it has me itching to reread Hem and Fitzgerald all over again...(although after reading Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin I think the women of the 20's were far more fascinating)

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! I'm still trying to find my footing as a mom of two...but finding some fun in it all (although I find myself chanting this book's title in my head like a mantra every night...)
xoxo, M


  1. Love those pinky shoes and i've been meaning to buy The french Wife, yes great picks

  2. I love this concept and the choices! And oh man, I loved the Paris Wife too. Love abounds, haha!

  3. That painting is gorgeous! Totally forgot about the Paris Wife and now it is next on my list! I haven't gotten too far into One Day yet but so far so good! Hoping to put the computer/ipad down this weekend and I knew exactly what book title you were referring to before I clicked the link.. I heard there is an audio version with Samuel L Jackson reading it and it is hilarious!
    ps - thanks for the link!

  4. both of these books sound great. i'm always looking for a good summer read and with a family vacation coming up these might be the winners!


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