Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picnic please!

I'm having crazy tech issues so I'm taking it as a sign to unplug again today and spend the afternoon outside eating this yummy meal I spied at the gorgeous Sunday Suppers...minted rose water with quinoa, grapes,  and spring garlic...
thank you for all your supportive comments over the last few days!! I read and reread them all - and felt a little teary that I have so many lovely "penpals"...which reminds me - we're headed to Palm Springs in late October (whoop!whoop!!) shall we plan a blogger meet up?? 

Look ma no hands! getting back in  my groove...
 Day 5 - J Crew top, Madewell skirt, Dream Collective Necklace, CV flat clutch...

Day 6 - Thrifted skirt, target vneck, and Kayce Hughes necklace...Lila approves!
how's your week coming along?
xoxo, M


  1. I adore that last skirt, friend! Oh my!

  2. you look great! Love that Madewell skirt--is it as comfy as it looks?

  3. Oh, that thrifted skirt is perfect! (And yes! Palm Springs meet up in October!!)

  4. I can't believe your luck in finding that thrifted skirt--great find! And maybe a trip down to visit the grandparents will just happen to be in the cards for us in October! ;)

  5. Were going to Hawaii in mid-October for a week... If were back- I'm ALL in for a PS's meet-up!

  6. Are babies invited to PS? Mine will be here then!

  7. You look smashing...and I sent you an email because you inspired me. (blush)
    We've been talking about a meet up and martinis FOREVER girlie...let's get with the program! :)
    Rebecca can bring the new bambino and Torrie can plan a theme for the bash.
    Hope your tech issues are resolved soon, but glad you had a day to unplug.

  8. You look so amazing in all these photos. Sort of can't believe you are juggling and toddler and a baby. I fell off the wagon and am currently working in jammies. Holding out hope that I pull it together tomorrow!

  9. how tall are you? that madewell skirt says 37 1/2 inches. I'm way too short for that I think....

    did you have it shortened?


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