Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's Get Dressed!

Do you have your own personal "breakfast at tiffany's"? By that I mean a little trick that gets you out of your head and back in good spirits?? When I'm feeling a bit of the blues coming on I head to my closet and decide to get dressed...nothing fancy but something that makes me feel lighter, happier...lately though, with a going on 4 yr old and newborn to juggle that can seem like an impossible task so when we ended up at our neighborhood restaurant this morning and I spied myself in the mirror (ugh - why the rows and rows of mirrors at 8am?) in cargo shorts (wha!) and milk stained tee with unbrushed hair I knew it was time to make more of an effort and turn this funk around...
to that end I propose a little days of "getting dressed"
real clothes, real shoes, a dab of makeup, maybe even a pedicure??
Who wants to join me?
To hold myself accountable I'll post some here goes...starting with something simple...

Day #1 - Steven Alan Seersucker skirt, J Crew VNeck, K Jacques sandals, Dream Collective Necklace & Cuffs, Clare Vivier Flat clutch in red, Target sunglasses...whew! that wasn't so hard right??
I'd love to see your sartorial happy place - tweet me or instagram me (shopprettymommy) your outfit pics...Have a lovely weekend!
xoxo, M

ps - Yes, I know, I write a version of this post about once every 6 months...but it motivates me! and yes, I know how ridiculous it is to have happiness tied up in wardrobe gentle with the eye rolling!

pps - shop news! Lot of Clare goodies back in stock, only two Two caftans left, and Scout & Catalogue has arrived!!


  1. Michelle, I totally understand! As a stay at home mom of a very active toddler boy, I am surprised by how much of a better mood I am in when I get a shower in and dress cute for the day. Natalie of i heart this blog and I have embarked on the 30x30 challenge together. Similar to what you are doing, except you pick 30 pieces of clothing and wear them in a bunch of different ways for 30 days and post to your blog. Kind of a fun little twist on dressing! Check it out!

    PS - I love love love the Steven Alan skirt, it looks so comfy and it a great length, does it have pockets?


  2. I just got a manicure and pedicure and kind of feel like all is right in the world, so I definitely know what you mean. Maybe I'll get my act together and post something sartorial...just got some Madewell widelegs that I adore!

  3. Girl, I totally get you. I stay at home with my 2 yr old son and have another baby on the way. It's so easy to just phone it in when you're nauseous, exhausted, and it's 105 degrees outside (do you *really* miss Austin??). I think I might have to go shopping to even participate in this challenge, all I own for summer are cutoffs and tanks tops, ugh! I will start with a cherry red pedicure, though. I think that will help a lot! Looking forward to your posts over the next week, time to get inspired!

  4. Yep, I'm in. So disgusted with my current go-to outfits. I'm committed to wearing pretty dresses for the next three days. I might even wash and blow dry my hair at some point. I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. LOVE this idea... Could not agree more... I actually got dressed today(!) to have lunch with Rebecca! Sending you a pic via twitter now!

    You look cute!!

  6. Ha, I was just coming here to say that if I have plans, be it an appointment or something fun (lunch with Torrie!), I def make more of an effort. And Torrie looked quite cute, FYI.

  7. Love this idea! Lately I've been finding myself in the same tank and loose pants because between all my dance classes and rehearsals sometimes I feel like, what's the point of actually getting dressed in street clothes? But you're absolutely right, the point is it feels good and we love it. So I'm definitely going to make more of an effort this week too!

  8. this is a GREAT idea....i am definitely in a i-will-wear-my-pjs-for-3-days-straight rut. i am totally going to take up this challenge!


  9. ooo I'm jealous of your seersucker skirt. How awesome!!!

  10. Just catching up and scrolling through your blog. These outfit posts are FABulous. You look great!


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