Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Mix...

 Hello Friday!! Whew...we are off on a mini adventure and unplugging a bit but I couldn't resist showing you a few things happening around the shop before I left...

 With Fall deliveries on the way, Mandee has been working hard to get the new collections online...sneak a peek at the new Wren and Ace & Jig that should be here any day now...YEAH! and of course one of those leopard numbers will be migrating into my closet...

 Our Scout & Catalogue delivery is already flying out the door...gorgeous gauzy shawls, beautiful worn in bags...the perfect collection for sultry summer days and great transition pieces for cooler weather as well...

 If you missed out on the first round of Two (some pieces were gone in minutes - WOW!) we have more coming - check em out here...

it's just as hard to keep Clare Vivier in stock...but we're staying one step ahead and have lots of goodies to choose current favorite is the Bando bag - seen here in action (via Clare's blog)

Of course, to make room for new the old must go - which means more markdowns in our sale section...Spring collections from Ace & Jig, Matta, Stewart + Brown, Virginia Johnson, etc are now 25% - 50% off...and when you spend over $150 you can take and extra 20% off your entire order - enter "JULY" at checkout!

and speaking of sale - I snagged this yummy bright Ace & Jig Caftan (paired with a new favorite necklace - Matta Maya in black) for myself to finish out the "Get Dressed" challenge...which I think turned out to be a successful experiment! Even if being more put together didn't equal smoother days it was so nice to recapture a sense of fun in dressing up and I felt a little more me after so many months of dressing around a baby, thanks to the magic of instagram filters, I didn't have to cringe too much - for someone who never posts her own picture that was a whole lotta sharing...whew!! Anyone still with me?? Thank you again to the lovely gals who played along - Trina, Molly, Torrie, Estelle, Shannon, and Tina - I had so much fun seeing what they were up to we might have to make it a weekly thing??  What are you wearing Wednesdays?? Seriously, could I be more of a geek?
Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead...put a fork in me - I'm done and ready for one of these...Cheers!
xoxo, M


  1. Love that yellow tunic on you! And that leopard coat is to die for, not to mention all the scout&catalogue stuff I keep drooling over. I meant to do the dress up for a week thing with you, I really did, I remember thinking, what a great idea, I should do that too... And then life happened and I promptly forgot. Oops! So if you do it again I'd try a little harder ;)

  2. I am dying for that yellow. So perfect!

  3. i think it might be time to pull the trigger on a scout & catalogue piece. they're so tempting! hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I keep thinking that I already responded to this and then realized I didn't. A million times yes to a what I wore Wednesday. That would be so fun. Although, I wouldn't actually share a Wednesday outfit since I go to work that day and work clothes are BORING in my world. Anywho, I too, am dying for your yellow. Looks so amazing on you.


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