Monday, May 2, 2011

Simplify: Guest Blogger - Katie Mattern, Salt + Pine

I have a pretty big crush on anyone who has ever been a doula (especially right after giving birth) so that coupled with her fantastic taste, sense of humor and down-to-earth cool girl vibe make me one of Katie's biggest she riffs on my favorite topic - simplicity..but make sure you check her out over at Salt + Pine too..thanks Katie!!

I am so happy that Michelle has regularly posted topics on simplicity. It's definitely been something I've been working on achieving this spring and I love hearing about how other people are focusing on it, too. As Torrie stated in a previous post, it is that time of year when houses seem to reach maximum capacity and our household is no different!

It is inevitable that at the end of winter every year (And this winter has been a very, very long one... I think it started last July.) I focus on purging anything that does not hold any meaning for me as an individual or us as a family. Life can be just be completely overwhelming with so much stuff--too many things in the house, too many activities and obligations, too many worries--that it's good to remind myself every spring that I don't need to hold on to all of that clutter in the house or in the brain. 

My idea of simplification involves cutting away the extras until what is left represents happiness and ease. So, I thought I would share a few things that will never be a part of the Annual Spring Purge--some of my simple pleasures in life that make me smile and make my life easier. Give me my family, my friends and these things and I will forever be a happy camper.

My beloved J.Crew tees...
simple gold jewelry...


A good pair of jeans (new, thrifted or stolen from my husband)

A tote that carries everything the kids need that day. (Lands' End has great ones that are really durable!) 

Indoor greenery...especially my favorite, fiddle leaf figs. (Mine isn't this tall yet, but I'm hoping it will be someday!) I live in a very, very green part of the country and it just feels right to have it inside, too.

African baskets. Ever since my sister spent time in Ghana, I've used various kinds as storage around the house. They look great, are easily used for storage for toys and remind me of all of my sister's adventures in Africa.

Art made by my friends. Not only do I love the art itself, but knowing someone I care about made it makes it even more special.

Artwork by Counsel Langley

Ceramic cup by Carianna Schreitz 

Walks to the library--we always run into a few people we know along the way and come home with some great books and yummy pastries from the pastry shop across the street...

Photo by Michael McKee

Afternoons at the beach when the sun is shining, because you have to enjoy it while you can around here...

personal photo

And finally, hikes in the woods where you feel a million miles away from any obligations...

personal photo

Thanks Michelle for letting me share some of my simple pleasures in life over here at Pretty Mommy. Now please go give that sweet baby a snuggle for me. Because seriously, I don't think there's any better simple pleasure in life than cuddling up with a newborn babe!



  1. okay you were a doula? wait a second. how about those orange shorts in the top j.crew pic!! and the baskets!!

    there is so much goodness in this post i'm totally ADD right now...not 100% sure i believe in ADD, but as close to it as what they would SAY it is anyway :)


  2. I really just want to live in those first few pics...perefct tee, perfect jeans, great necklace...I am SOLD!

  3. Walks to the library and art made by friends are my favorites! I, personally, love the art made by my children too!

    Great post!

    My post on my little monet:

  4. I love every single bit of this post. And could not agree more with the part of clearing out the "stress" (the unnecessary extras), to find the "happiness and ease" or to make room for it, rather.

    And your list- always love your lists (Michelle's absolutely right about your fantastic taste =).

  5. Wonderful wonderful post! The necklace is gorgeous, the baskets are a great idea, and I never even thought of having a fig tree indoors! Genius!

  6. Thank you for the sweet comments, you guys and thank you, Michelle, for having me over here! It can be intimidating to live up to your fabulous posts, but I survived! ;)

  7. Love all your choices, so simple and beautiful especially the interior, makes me want to get one of those big plants!


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