Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to Ode

Happy Friday lovelies!! How fun was it to wake up to a Royal Wedding this morning?  Thanks to tivo we slept in and watched at a much more civillized hour...Kate did look just gorgeous and classic, no?  I can remember watching Diana with my mom so it was great to snuggle with my L's and watch a real life fairytale unfold...
Speaking of my girls, it's hard to believe Miss Louisa is already two weeks much to tell but just haven't wrapped my head around it all's been a whirlwind but all in all a much more relaxed beginning than the first time little tidbit - we had a water birth which I highly recommend if you are into natural labor! that I have two girlies I couldn't resist adding some littles to the shop like these super cute dresses from Ode...gorgeous, colorful cottons...Lila's pick is the whimsical Yashvi...check em out before she scoops them all for herself (like Mother like daughter, eh?)
Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend ahead!
 xoxo, M


  1. those ode photographs are wonderful!

  2. Excited to see new items for the littles in your shop!
    Mine was nonplussed by the wedding (not a princess sort of girl) but she dressed for the occasion nonetheless.


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