Monday, May 16, 2011

You know you're gold, you don't gotta worry none...

Photo via Something Trendy
Photo - Keep Feeling Fascination
(Joanna's trip to Morocco is a must view - traveling vicariously never  felt so good!)
Photo - Tales of Endearment
Photo - Late Afternoon
Photo - Jeana Sohn
(never failed to be inspired by her and her muses!)
Hello Sunshine!!  In celebration of the glorious sun making an appearance here for the second day in a row I thought I'd show off a little color...all I want to do is swan around in a bright floaty maxi skirt and fill my life with pattern..apparently if you are close to a Zara you can pick up one of these beauties (like Laura - officially the cutest pregnant style ever - found via Joslyn)...perhaps you might send one my way as well?
So how are things here in newborn land?  I have to say little Louisa Pearl is pretty golden...I'm holding my breath a bit but the transition has been much more smooth and relaxed than I anticipated - we even hit the new neighborhood hotspot, Tilia - hospitable to hipsters & toddlers alike (at 5pm that is), for dinner Saturday night, braved nursing in public - whew, and all left with full bellies and full hearts...
Other than that I've gotten pretty comfy as a baby snuggling couch potato, soaking up lots of TV (currently obsessed with Secrets From a Stylist - Emily's wardrobe is the best!, Pregnant in Heels - crazytown!, and rediscovering how hilarious Parks and Rec is), tweeting and pinning one handed on my phone, and showering Lila with attention anytime the babe is other words I'm passively active, right?
how are things in your world? gardens growing? vacations planned? summer anticipated?
Okay, here are a few more current obsessions before I run...

Collected - of all the new online magazines this is the one that speaks to me...LOVE!

I haven't spent much time in the kitchen but have made this salad no less than 3 times friend Barb brought it over and I think I ate the entire bowl in one day...Torrie's a big fan too...

The big winners from my Calypso shopping spree? The gauze tunic and Dale shirt...lightweight perfection...

and Louisa's favorite lullaby...

xoxo, M

ps - thank you to everyone who shopped at the store this weekend! it was crazy busy...and an even bigger thank you to everyone who has been patiently awaiting blue CV foldover clutches...they are shipping in and shipping out as fast as we are able;) We have a tiny bit of Clare Vivier things in stock - Bandos in Moss, Navy, & Silver, Black La Trops & Black Messengers, and Mini Sacs so hop on over! Also, lots of hidden gems so dig around...


  1. Wonderful photos. Especially the top two! Heading over to check out the original posts right now. Your newly mama-ed life sounds just divine. Enjoy!

  2. Lovely...I'm behind on my reader AGAIN. But I have been wondering how you and your fam are doing?
    Listening to the song now...precious. Must get it for myself.

  3. ... in a numbering kinda mood, so~

    1) Love every single image. Needed to see color this morning. Coffee's just not doin' the trick.
    2) Green skirt/pink stripes? A magical contrast. Had to pin.
    3) Finally got Amazon app- Love!
    4) 5pm... Our favorite time to eat out with the kids. (even if were surrounded by the cute older folks ;)
    5) Loved that magazine!
    6) Garden post coming!
    7) Last but not least, thanks for the reminder... MUST make that salad this week!!

  4. ohhhh .... so lovely.

    Zara's right up the street and I think I'm going to brave the loud music and Georgetown students and stop in! Let me know if you want a skirt - seriously.

    leannemdavis5 at gmail dot com

  5. Oh la la. Love that first image. I'm with you on the maxi skirt obsession. Blogged about it last week and I can't get enough...

  6. Ha, I picked up a navy maxi skirt at a Rachel Pally warehouse sale a few weeks ago, and if it were not raining today I'd be wearing it right now! Glad the transition is all good. xoxo

  7. So a maxi skirt and neon nails are now on my list. I am so behind on getting ready for Summer his year. And I just checked out Collected this week and it is awesome!
    P.S. It sounds like you are doing great!!!

  8. Funny, I have a similar orzo salad, except I add chickpeas to add some protein and use cranberries and almonds. So yummy!

    And not sure if I can still wear my maxi skirts because I lived in them while pregnant...they're probably all stretched out now!


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