Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello Friends!!
Happy hump day...It's probably no surprise that I am a ghastly photographer since I practically never post my own photos but I was cleaning up my iphone and thought I'd share a few from the past month...(fortunately shake it photo makes everything look a little better, no?)  These are from a trip Lila and I took to the Walker a couple of days before Louisa was born...we hit it up again yesterday and had a blast...I love their Arty Pants events!  Yesterday in the art lab the kiddos all got to make a huge jungle...I wish I had pics but I had my hands full with two...

a few things from smallable - our lovely friends sent us a gift certificate and of course I wasted no time shopping! The sweet gold ballet flats kill me and the nightlight is heaven...

Lila's choice at the shoe store yesterday...hmmm...maybe shoe shopping alone is a better proposition but who can deny this cutie her "dream shoes"...hamming it up in the morn in her fedora (and yes, my house is always that messy)

my favorite lunch...(yes, that orzo salad again!)...and trying to take a self portrait and keep the babe happy in my new uniform...

Shanna Murray wall decal in gold...and Clare Vivier Bando bag in moss with Chris's new record shelves...

Lil L in her wrap...her favorite place to sleep...and our farmer's market trips keep getting rained out so we had to duck into the Lowbrow instead...I recommend the breakfast tacos - yum!!

okay, and speaking of new it is - old J crew stripe tee, new Madewell maxi skirt with pockets, Clare Vivier mini sac (holds one diaper, wipes, phone and credit card - whew!), Dream Collective arrowhead amulet necklace (OBSESSED!), target cat eye sunglassses, and Urban Outfitters sandals (fedora not shown but essential to covering up non deliberate ombre hair with many strands o'grey)  Thoughts??

 and a few better pictures of my new favorite necklace and the Bando bag in Moss and Silver...
Okay, that's all folks!
See ya later...
xoxo, M


  1. LOVE your pictures!! Especially the one of you! (post more please!) Can I possibly use any more exclamation points in my comments???

    Your daughter is a total cutie-pie, and I love your new uniform =)... and her dream shoes (which make me feel a little guilty for saying no on a recent Target trip to Hailey's sparkly shoe request).

  2. I am loving the uniform - stripes AND a maxi with pockets? Dreamy. Think I might be stopping by Madewell today...

  3. Also, I just pulled the trigger and bought the Bando from you. (!!!!!!!!!!)

  4. 1 - love that bag in silver. gorg.

    2 - love the bit of tiny baby in that picture. I miss when mine were little.

    3 - uniform is fabulous.

    4 - what did you use for record shelves? we are looking for something for ours.

    5 - that does not look like a messy house!

    6 - cute girl!

  5. oh wow another dream collective necklace to put on my wishlist!

    love your outfit and your girls are so beautiful!

  6. love the, love, love it.
    you look fantastic lady!!!

  7. Love all of it - you look fabulous AND you just sold me on the minisac. It can fit a diaper? Perfect!

  8. Lila knows how to accessorize. Think I can put baby boy in scarves when he arrives?

  9. You have a great blog! As a Mama To Be, just wondering if there is a diaper bag that you could recommend? (That holds more than the minisac - though it's so pretty!)

  10. Yes! I love your photos! So personal and wonderful, you should definitely post more. I have to say, your little one's 'dream shoes' cracked me up. I think secretly we may all want purple glittery shoes to wear every day. Not to mention she looks rockin in that fedora! And your babe asleep is so beautiful! Loving the outfit, and those necklaces are awesome!

  11. Love all the photos & I am so saving up for the CV tote (I've been wanting it since you first got them...oh, the torture!). But the big thing on my mind: HOW DO YOU LOOK SO GOOD AFTER GIVIVG BIRTH?! Seriously lady, you are rocking it. :)

  12. Love all of these photos. You should do this more often! So great to see your little sweet peas (and you, of course!)

  13. so pretty! your blog is lovely...

    thanks for your sweet comment today!



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