Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crib Notes

photo by Zane Taylor

 So here's an official portrait of the little beauty that's been keeping me occupied...and I can't say that I'm in any hurry to get back to a daily schedule when I can sit and snuggle with my two L's...but I thought it would be fun to check in and say Hello - how is everyone?? Royal Wedding, Bin Laden, etc - it's been quite a week!!  Since I NEVER got around to posting about my baby must haves I thought I'd weigh in on some things that I actually have been using with the new babe...

We brought these Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets to the hospital with us and Louisa has been wrapped in them ever since...super soft and perfect for swaddling...

Even though she's mostly slept in my arms (bad co-sleeping mom!) having the Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper next to the bed has been great for actually getting some real sleep (wishful thinking)...although if I had to do it over again this Ninna Nanna number is a much more design friendly option...

I don't think we set Lila down for the first 6 months but her little sister has to be a bit more patient with a 3 yr old to entertain so I upgraded to a Cradle Swing - I not a fan of any big, electronic baby contraption but it's nice to have one around when you need 5 minutes to pee, grab a bite to eat etc...and this is a great one because it plugs in making battery runs to Target a thing of the past...

and If you have tiny babies like me, chances are that gorgeous wardrobe you've been waiting to put her/him into won't fit for a while - but these Kate Quinn Infant Sacques are perfect for the first month or two and make late night diaper changes a breeze...Petit Bateau's smallest size also works well for newborns

New Mommy must haves...well I'll I can say is invest in good PJS! - and be prepared to change clothes about 10 times a day for the first week...and don't schedule a haircut/color the week you are supposed to have a baby because you'll never make it (that's the second time!)
xoxo, M

ps - If you are looking for a photographer in the twin cities Zane did a fantastic job with Louisa!


  1. she is perfection ~ i wouldn't rush back to a normal routine either. hold her forever. ;)

  2. She is precious! Congratulations Michelle!

  3. she is adorable. so perfect. enjoy her, it all goes by too fast.

  4. She's beautiful! Congratulations! And the photo is beautiful too.


  5. love this post... your little~sweet~precious Louisa is beautiful!

    I love the tip on PJ's you are so right... that is now on the top of my list!

  6. Gorgeous. Thank you for checking in and giving us a little update!! xoxo

  7. Little Louisa is breathtaking. I miss swaddling and those little blankets looks perfect.

  8. Wow, that is a beautiful baby. All babies are cute but Louisa is beautiful. I'm curious to hear more about your water birth. I'll be having my second natural birth in September and am considering adding a tub to the mix.

  9. she is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
    congrats friend!

  10. She's gorgeous! Those blankets are my fav along with the sleeping sacs!

  11. You make some ridiculously cute babies, M!
    Happy to hear all is well.

  12. Such a cutie! Congrats again!! I'm headed to warm Austin tomorrow (from NYC), I'll send some sunshine your way :)

  13. Michelle!!! I was offline for a bit so just catching up on your great news. Congrats! Louisa is just darling. And this is such a lovely picture. Hope you're doing well and enjoying every moment with your precious baby!


  14. Awwww, Michelle, I'm gushing! She is sooooo beautiful, and that pic is so precious. We are so happy for you guys! I hope she is sleeping better! See you guys soon :)

  15. She is so beautiful, Michelle! I love all her hair!! (said the mother of semi-bald babies :) )

  16. Oh my goodness, she's adorable! Congratulations! I hope all is going well and you're recuperating nicely:)


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