Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everyday Obsessions {25} - Jora, Domestic Reflections

Surely you already know and love Jora of the wonderful Domestic Reflections...I fully admit to a bit of a crush on her, her super cool house, and ability to juggle 3 (ridiculously photogenic) kiddos, raise chickens, cultivate her own honey, whip up super yummy meals and find time to write a blog...and she does it all with a down to earth sense of humor...yep, she's kind of a wonder (oh, and one of my favorites on pinterest...) so without further ado here are her Everyday Obsessions - thanks Jora!!

In My Closet: 
jeans -  Raven and Paige always fit just right.  I love all cuts: skinny, boot, trouser, wide leg.  I don’t discriminate. 
on my feet – Various gold sandals are my standard (from Havaiana flip flops to Sam Edelman ballet flats to Jimmy Choo stilettos!)…I think they go with everything and I would be sad to hear that they don’t ;-); I also love clogs of all types, especially sandals
accessory – Hayden Harnett hobo bag, Matta scarf in azalea (thanks pretty mommy!), a favorite yellow raffia clutch from spain that my sister brought back for me 
jewelry – Diamond studs (my “push present” after my son was born) and my engagement ring, of course 

Beauty Secrets:
Skin – I have been using Bio Oil for the past 3 months….my husband keeps accusing me of getting a facial in the middle of the day so I think it might be working!  Also, Hauschka’s Rejuvenating Mask gives me a little freshening up before a night out.  I use Kiehl’s Crème de Corps everyday all over my body….I always come back to it.  I also love L’Occitane hand cream.  The scent is amazing and it’s not greasy at all.
makeup -  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is my hands down desert island favorite must have product at all times.  I also love cream blushes by Laura Mercier.  I always have a tube of Kiehl’s lip balm hue no. 58B in my purse.  But let’s be real, I am a lip gloss addict and have so many that I love it would be impossible to narrow down here.  A good gloss brightens your whole face!
scent – When I wear it (which is rare), I go with Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom, Carolina Herrera (because it reminds me of when I met my husband) and Bobbi Brown Beach
Hair- I’m not very loyal to any hair products.  I do like a little Moroccan Oil now and again.  And ever since my dear friend Holly bought me a Mason Pearson brush, I use it all day, everyday.      

In My Kitchen:
cookbook – I have a huge collection, but I’m trying to pare it down to the ones I most love and use.  The Gourmet Cookbook has been a favorite of mine for the past couple of years.  Highly recommended.
gadget – I’m not a huge gadget person (although I am crazy about cooking!).  If it counts as a gadget, I would have to pick my very, very beloved Gaggia Classic espresso maker.  My husband makes me espresso every morning and it is the best.  We can’t wait to get home to the Gaggia when we are on vacation.  It’s that good.
30 min easy recipe -  Linguini with Sauteed Shrimp, garlic, white wine and tomatoes.  Also, a pan of brownies (the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s cocoa box).
can't live w/o ingredient – Butter, lemon and good salt (these 3 ingredients will make almost anything taste better!)

walls – Our house is almost entirely floor to ceiling windows, so there isn’t a ton of space to hang art. But I am currently in love with paintings by Michelle Armas and my 3 year old daughter Juliet.  
bedding –  I am dying for a full John Robshaw bed makeover!  
flowers – Tulips, ranunculus, peonies, hydrangeas and roses (for their scent)
favorite design source – Blogs, of course!  And now, pinterest too.  I think I am addicted to Pinterest.

Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my tivo – Real Housewives of Orange County (holla!), The Soup, French Cooking with Lauren Calder


  1. I *loved* Simplicity Parenting... was just thinking of giving it a re-read. Great list (of course!).

  2. Just added a few items to my wishlist- I knew Jora's list would be a good one :).

  3. Light Years is my absolute favorite book - so excited to see it listed here!

  4. Great collection and wonderful links. Those shoes are lust-worthy (as is the scarf from your shop which has long been on my wish list!)

  5. Wonderful choices, Jora! Just ordered Simplicity Parenting. Can't wait to read it. And I second the recommendation for the Mason Pearson brush. It's an investment, but so worth it!


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