Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 Gah! These ladies are killing me with their updated Annie Hall looks - so perfect for the in between weather right now, no? Although finding a great pair of wide legs might be harder than a needle in a haystack...these by Malene Birger look pretty amazing...
and If I weren't in total sweatpants mode I'd pair them back with this Tucker top... 

But alas, I am in true comfy pant phase so these will have to wait until post delivery...speaking of...I need to go down into my scary basement and start pulling out all the baby gear but am trying to pare down as much as possible...what were your baby must haves? We seriously hardly ever used the crib, the stroller, the rocking chair, the....well you get the picture...so I'm working on a little post about it tomorrow and would love your input!!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend - it's starting to look like spring here ( a little) and if I could finally kick the last of this crazy sinus thing I might get back on track this week - yeah!!
xoxo, M
top image via Miss Moss


  1. Emerson slept in her swing for three months. We kept a supply of batteries by the thing at all times for frequent middle of the night switch outs. Because if she wasn't in motion she was a screamin. Man those were dark days. But I swear by that motorized swing.

  2. my tips:
    1/ the sleepy wrap sling (you can borrow ours!)
    2/ muslin swaddle blankets
    3/ lots o' coffee

  3. could not survive without a muslin swaddle blanket plus small muslin rags for wiping up everything. and the baby bjorn babysitter (found one at a consignment store for cheap), it really saved my sanity!

  4. I'm sure it's different from baby to baby, but I never use the swing and rarely the baby bjorn chair, although he loves his Bumbo and Jumparoo (of course he'd love the ugliest thing.) We have yet to use the crib (except to hang things on, tsk tsk) and rarely the rocking chair either. He likes when I bounce on my exercise ball with him. He doesn't like pacifiers or the ring sling. Loves the Moby wrap. I'll be curious to see what other people say because I think he's kind of a [loveable] weirdo!

  5. loving this whole resurgence of the wide-leg. I am a die hard annie hall fan, so I'm taking this lovely fad in with all my might (wearing a pair of thrifted wide leg trousers as I write!) So comfy.

  6. You're killing me with this post...I so, so love wide legs and the all the green? Ack. Must have. And my baby must-haves...we seriously didn't use much (especially with the third), so I would say: boobs, nursing pads and diapers! ;)


  7. The bath... even though we used the sink too, the stroller, the high chair, and for Jacob, we never had an actual high chair, but a mini high chair, that you could put on a chair at the table or anywhere!... like a booster seat, with a strap and a tray. I realize that these last 2 are for when they're a bit older, but those were my 2 lifesavers!

    And that's about it!

    LOVE those pictures. This totally helps because I just bought similar pants and this gives me great ideas on how to wear 'em. Thank you :).

  8. I would pretty much wear everything you've posted above if it came in maternity!

    Love reading the baby musts since we have a tiny house and no garage!

  9. Baby musts...I love posts on this topic because every mom and every baby is so different. I swear by a sling, boppy (great for so many purposes), travel-sized swing (get's the job done, but small and easily stored away when not in use), "noise-machine", swaddle blankets (I really like the velcro swaddle wraps...great for those serious wigglers), and 2 glasses of champagne a day (one in the morning and one at night to help milk production and to take the edge off)....I hope I'm not revealing too much here;)


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