Monday, March 7, 2011

Shop Talk

Good Morning! Happy Monday...I hate to bombard y'all with shop talk first thing but I spent most of the weekend unpacking and uploading new spring stuff while simultaneously placing fall about fashion whip lash!! As mentioned Dream Collective landed and I'm in LOVE - Kathryn's jewelry just has such a gorgeous, organic, earthy feel and I'm excited to mix some her new cuffs back with my existing collection ...(ps - if you are like me and don't have the most delicate of wrists, the cuffs are fantastic because they can be stretched a bit...coversely they can be squished a little for more dainty bone structures)

Laura Lombardi's new pieces are equally stunning - the Remigial Necklace just arrived and is ranking high on my swoon-o-meter

I don't know if I should even mention it, because I can't seem to keep anything in stock as it is, but Clare Vivier's foldover clutches are blowing up! The bright blue seems to be the new must have after Vogue's Lawren Howell was photographed with one...
not to mention that all the cool blogettes are rocking them...Joslyn, Erin, Caitlin, Trina, Heather, Jeana...the list goes on...
(a caveat on Clare orders - because they are so popular we are often out of stock but have them on order so pre-ordering gets you in the queue and we ship as fast as they can arrive!)

I'm newly enamored with the laptop envelope (which just arrived in a hot red patent & navy patent) and the new Bando bucket Bag (we have one in navy)
photos courtesy of Clare Vivier

Okay! Now I'm off to package up instead of unpackaging and then preschool pickup...whew! Tired already...6 weeks and counting til baby - mama needs a nap...
Xoxo, M

ps - I got around to reading Object of Beauty by Steve Martin (don't you love him? and Shopgirl is fantastic) this weekend (kept me up waaayyy too late) Good, solid read...definitely up my alley - a little glitzy, a little trashy with a little substance - I really enjoyed the behind the scenes of the art world although afterwards I felt a little numb towards all of the characters...but would totally recommend - thoughts anyone?   I think Just Kids is up next...


  1. Omg! Loving the Remigial necklace and the bright blue Clare Vivier!!!

  2. I LOVE the laptop envelope!!!

  3. Sheesh Michelle...I have to stop the shopping...but that bucket bag is to die for...
    P.S. I'm a little irked with you for not posting ONE glorious little baby bump shot! HEE HEE...I kid you.

  4. I'm with Tina on all fronts: that bucket bag is a major lust item for me and a baby bump photo would be fun to see! ;)

  5. One of the BEST celeb sightings ever: Me at an art gallery opening (courtesy of my director uncle), turn around: STEVE MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!! I died. His (young) wife looks just like Charlotte York in case you are curious.

  6. I love the Vogue girl jacket too. The skirt is also so cool with the tights, very crafty looking but chic. Plus Steve Martin - love- he adds character and luminescence to any role! His movie (oops forgot the name) about making an indie movie in West Hollywood was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  7. loving the dream collection brass pieces ;)

  8. Im drooling over the bucket bag!!!!


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