Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Collection of Collections...

Thanks so much for all your well wishes...luckily my thoughtful husband (who was actually working very hard in Austin last week) and my rockstar sis-n-law & nieces have been keeping Lila entertained so I can crawl under the covers and moan in solitude...AND my brilliant neighbor (who has an eight week old & 3 yr old) stopped by with fresh, homemade chicken noodle soup - who am I to complain - it takes a village!!
Here are some things I've been working on uploading in between naps...
New, AHHHHMAZING Lizzie Fortunato Jewels - these are unreal...bold and stunning...
New detailed shots of Dream Collective for Spring...love, love, love
and a few new Clare Vivier clutches...
Enter the store at your own risk!

all photos and layouts by the multi-talented Emily - who's back from Rome and has some new fantastic pieces in the dull Diamond shop
xoxo, M


  1. Get well soonest! You're lucky to have wonderful neighbours and family. I love chicken soup - almost worth being sick for - and these yummy little bags which are like candy.

  2. feel better soon!! those lizzie fortunato pieces are amazing, and by the way, i haven't taken off my dream collective earrings since i got them!

  3. Hope you feel well soon. No fun being that sick while prego.

    Such gorgeous pieces. All of them - sigh.


  4. Feel better, m'dear! One day soon we'll all be hanging (sans kids) at sxsw! The Lizzie Fortunato necklaces are to die!

  5. I love it all, especially the Lizzie Fortunato pieces. I hope your feeling better.


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