Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Granola...

all items above from Calypso
Whenever first time mom's-to-be ask me for my pregnancy musts...errr, wait, scratch that...whenever I offer them totally unsolicited advice, as I am wont to do, the phrase that seems to encompass everything is "embrace your inner granola"...Generally I apply this to the physical side of pregnancy, re: get to know your acupuncturist, find a chiropractor, join a prenatal yoga class, hire a doula, ditch the chemicals in your beauty arsenal, eat all organic, indulge in some mayan abdominal massage, and lastly, and most importantly, research your birthing options - consider natural childbirth (seriously, if I can do it, so can you)***
 However, sartorially speaking, there's no better look for a growing bump than earthy goddess - I'm swooning over the spring collection at Calypso and excited to pick up a few pieces to take me through these last weeks and into the newborn phase...(ahem, you thought maternity dressing was difficult - get ready to build your wardrobe around the ability to nurse at a moments notice - think henleys galore, nursing tanks, deep vees, cardigans and scarves)

and being a good hippie mama I better stock up on some matching duds for my littles...I'm in LOVE with Rikshaw's new dresses & rompers

***okay, I don't want anyone to get their panties in a twist - ANY birth that results in healthy Mom and baby is a great birth and thank goodness in modern medicine we have life saving options available to us including c-sections...I'm simply putting it out there that a natural, drug free birth is a great, doable, super good for you and baby option that should be explored if you have a normal, healthy pregnancy...***

So, veteran moms - what are your favorite words of advice to pass on to newbies?
Here's a much more heartfelt letter on the subject I wrote to my friend Kat as she was about to have her first...
xoxo, M


  1. that little romper is adorable. i miss the "romper" stage of my girlies.

    this is a great post. love the title and really good advice.

    i know i've got a plethora of unsolicited advice for newbies, however, i've yet to have my first cup o' jo and apparently my brain isn't working. maybe i'll be back later! =)

  2. OMG! I am loving the navy kaftan. I am buying that for sure! Great dress for Spring and Summer.

  3. This is for me, right? ;)

    Thank you!

    And also, I happened to be on the Golden Bridge side of town a few weeks ago so went to a class. OMG. Love.

  4. I ordered a caftan for me and a sundress for one of the girlies from Rikshaw the other day...I couldn't resist!

    In addition to this post, I read your link & all the comments--excellent advice for new parents! It's all the info I used to share with people when I was a doula & childbirth educator. ;) I'd just add that food is a must. I was horrible about eating after all three births. I was so busy nursing, changing diapers, trying to sleep, etc that I just forgot to eat. Not good. A lifesaver was the dinners, lunches and even snacks that friends and acquaintances delivered. It seriously was the best thing ever. My husband and I didn't even have to think about what to feed ourselves and the older kids. So I always encourage new parents to find a friend who can track down all friends and their mothers to cook for the new family! :)

  5. This is what happens when you're from Austin :)
    I can't wait to be a good hippie momma too (someday that is)

  6. I like that "embrace your inner granola"!, and I'd tend to agree (with everything you said) :)

  7. Seriously Michelle...only YOU could make the last few weeks of pregnancy and those post-partum bumpy moments seem fashionable and chic. Where were you when I came home from the hospital in velour track pants? (WHAT? JLo was wearing them! It's been 4 years!!)
    These are beautiful pics and I love your advice. I am well known for unsolicited momma advice. I tell folks to keep working out if they can through their whole pregnancy, including yoga. Take a breastfeeding class and find a GOOD lactation consultant you like. Eat often and eat healthy those first few weeks home. (I was SHOCKED at how hungry breastfeeding made me!) Keep everything calm while you are in the hospital: limit the visitors and relax as much as possible. Invest in really good nursing bras and nursing camisoles and splurge on a good sling carrier.
    Again...I could go on and on and surprise there.
    I'm so excited for you girlie!
    All the best,

  8. Oh boy, Calypso's latest collection is absolutely killing me right now. I want almost every single dress in the collection including the one you have featured here. Love it.

    And yes to natural childbirth. I ended up with an emergency c-section and while we were both healthy in the end, my scar is still numb - three years later. I can't even imagine those who decide on c-section in advance. O.k. stepping off my soap box now.

    But I love your advice of embracing your inner granola. =)

  9. so excited for you!! sounds like you are getting sooooo close!!

  10. The granola in me loves Rikshaw & Calypso all the time ;)

  11. Gorgeous they always get it right. Love that caftan dress (and in fact all long dresses and skirts) but somehow I always look like Mrs Roper in them!

  12. I had 6 of my 7 children with out drugs and it was such a great experience.

  13. ohh hey honey..thanks for the embracing your inner granola..been doing it for a long time now...

  14. Those are the cutest rompers!!! I wish they came in 2T!!! Good luck with your pregnancy!!! Check out what my Little Miss is wearing on Ma Vie en La Mode!


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