Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Julianne Ahn, Object + Totem

In my book, you'd be hard pressed to find many other jewelry collections as special as that made by artist Julianne Ahn...hand dyed, wrapped, beautifully glazed & hand made ceramic beads...from start to finish they are completely wearable works of art...(so wearable and covetable that every time I wear a piece of Object +Totem someone tries to buy it off my neck)...and the fact that Julie happens to be one of the nicest designers I've had the pleasure of working with? well, that's just icing on the cake!

Something I Want:
A Leather Snap Wallet by my friends, Aylor and Jessica, of Absolute Classic Masterpieces

Something I Need:
A Herman Miller Ergonomic Stool for studio - i work long hours on my bum :(

Something to Wear:
The Ferus Dress in Black by Popomomo - such a simple classic piece that can be worn "as-is" or layered...

Something I Made:
my ceramics - I've been putting corks on them so they're a bit more functional and can be used for holding things like oil, salt, spices, genies, etc.


  1. Beautiful....her work and her wants/needs. :) Just wanted you to know that you were mentioned lovingly by me and Katie ( Salt & Pine) at Alt. Everytime I said..." ooh, I love that!" she would say "oh, it's from Pretty Mommy's shop!" :) Katie is a doll.

  2. michelle, you are too sweet - thanks for the post!! new necklaces heading your way!!!! xo, julie

  3. Hi There! I found you through Look Linger Love a while back. Love your stuff. I'm a new mom and blogger and am actually going to do a blogger's challenge (to create fun outfits for a new mom) next week on my blog. Would love for you to contribute something. You can check out my blog for some examples.

  4. You make ceramics?? I didn't know! I am dying to learn to do that and have been thinking about doing something about it lately. LOVE!

  5. Love that wallet... and your porcelain bottles!


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