Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Nice to see you on the other side...did you have a magical NYE?  I'm a fan I must say - any holiday that revolves around eating, drinking, and dancing is good in my book...we took the girls on a lantern lit hike, roasted some s'mores, noshed on crab legs at my sis-n-laws, quaffed some champagne and the cousins jumped & twirled in a surprise snowstorm with snowflakes as big as their hands - mind you we were home by 9:30...
traditionally I'm not much of a resolutions kind of girl...something about rules & expectations has never been my cup of tea...and I think especially with young children you need to go easy on yourself (my husband would probably say I'm too easy) but flexibility and spontaneity are welcome attributes in my book!  I think the theme of the past few years has been to take a deep breath when I'm frustrated about not doing something on my agenda and say (as the lovely Trina just reminded me) "There's always next year..."  Like the fact that I just sold my ticket to ALT because Miss Lou doesn't like her mama to be away for more than a couple of hours...I'm still feeling a little sick about missing out on the fun but...there's always next this year I intend to work less and mommy more...whew!

and if I manage to cook more, 
declutter more, 
wear a red kimono (holy girl crush right? Joslyn just blogged about this site - instant addiction), 
drink champagne out of vintage coupes (I'm on the hunt after coveting my sisnlaws), 
break out the candelabra once a week (I just bought this and Lila declared our Christmas Eve candlelit feast - "The fanciest meal ever!")
make it to London for our 10 year anniversary sans kiddos (reservations set - places to go? stay?)
revive my vegetable garden
and sneak in more dates with the Mr 
and more brunches with my friends
it will be icing on the cake!

Speaking of work - fall/winter collections have been marked down AND you can take an extra 20% off any order over $150 using "LASTCALL" at checkout...

xoxo, M


  1. happy new year. I love your list. practical & fancy.

  2. Happy new year! Your family celebrations sound lovely and special - particularly with a surprise snowfall! We rang in the year at our friend's penthouse with fireworks and champagne... not too shabby!

    Good luck with the list of resolutions! I love the candelabra aim! My mum loves candles and frequently lights up the house at dinner with candles. To the detriment of my brothers girlfriend's pup one evening! Her hair ended up a little singed in one spot!

    Sal x

  3. i kinda love this post, makes me feel happy.

    yes- total girl crush and totally addictive sight... in fact, heading over there to catch up on many missed posts right after this comment :).

    so sorry that you aren't able to attend ALT afterall, but i can understand entirely, and am right there with you on so many of your goals, particularly the 'mommy more' part ...well, also the 'more dates' and 'more brunches with friends' part too :).

    happy new year, my friend!

  4. Aww...thank you for the sweet words. And yes, there is always next year!!!! OMG, I did not know about that Sous Style - I'm going to be all over that this weekend. And I LOVE that candelabra. I think I need that.
    And YES to LONDON!!! We went to London and Paris for our 10 year (a few years back) without kids and it was so lovely (except that we got really sick, but that is another story). We stayed with friends in England (splurged on a hotel in Paris) but when I go back Ive always wanted to stay here
    (they have other hotels in the group that are equally fab - Ok.. I could go on and on about London.
    Happy Weekend!


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