Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I need a fix...

Is it Sunday yet...because I'm all caught up on Downton Abbey and I NEED a fix...I know, I know - you're sick of hearing about it already but peer pressure, peer pressure...just watch it! Oh, and while you're at it add Up All Night to your TiVo...seriously, you'll thank me...

I vowed to not buy any magazines this year (as I stare at the pile languishing in the corner) but I want to read this GP interview in the new Bazaar...umm wowsa!

Thanks to Kate's instagram feed I can't stop eating avocado toast with black pepper & sea salt...why has it taken me 36 years to figure out something so simple?

and Speaking of green - i finally took the plunge and ordered some pressed juicery... Not doing the full cleanse but needed a little detox action...

Although maybe it's my twitter feed that needs some cleaning up...keep getting sucked in to @Gawker's blind items - so salacious and scandalous...dirty, dirty...

And speaking of celeb news I think Rose Byrne just killed it at the SAG's - especially after the fashion snooze fest that was the Golden Globes, no?
Okay...that's my pop culture minute...what are you lovelies up to these days?
xoxo, M
Ps - new small trades tees in the shop & Heidi Merrick is on the way! Preorder to get first dibs...


  1. I have been recording Up All Night but to be honest I have not watched one second of television in the past 2 weeks! Guilty's the best. Oh, how I love Mya Rudolph though.
    Gwyneth look hot! She seriously gets more beautiful the older she gets, no?
    I am fighting off the yuck and preparing for boybucket's surgery number 2. fun.
    Hope all is well with you!

  2. i watched the first season of downtown abbey last saturday and sunday when i was down with a cold in bed. i almost cried when i realized i was watching the last episode... so good.

    and gwen, damn!

  3. Add an over medium egg to that avocado toast and you'll be in heaven.
    LOVE Downton Abby! Got addicted a couple of months ago and it is the BEST

  4. OMG I did not need to see that new piece on Gwyneth. Wow. And I need to do cleanse or something too (said as I eat chocolate). Don't you just want to live in Downton Abbey...I do... I just want the wit and the words and think it would be fab if we all still spoke that way. Ok, I left you another note but msg me your addy and I'll send you something to go with the tea for Sundays! XO t
    ps- that avacado toast looks pretty good.. I don't know how I missed that. I really love the date shake... i've been freezing the banana first and it makes it much more like a milkshake!

  5. We finally decided that we are going to start watching Downton Abbey since it's on Netflix instant and I'm doing a lot of sitting around with this new baby. I'm looking forward to getting sucked into a new series! Those photos of Gwyneth are some nice motivation for when I decide to work out this post-baby body...maybe in like 6 months!

  6. I need a fix of that avocado and toast. #lastdayofmyjuicecleanse:)

  7. Oh my gosh... you are not alone on the Downton front... I literally ache when the episode draws to a close... 4 days, 37 minutes--we can do it!!

  8. Oh, I am a sucker for a good jumpsuit. Amazing. And whole wheat toast with cream cheese avocado and sea salt is my absolute favorite snack. So satisfying.

  9. i love every single thing in this entire post. i have been so excited to tell you (but sorta offline this wk- until now with my grandma here the past few days)... ryan hooooooooked us up (we can stream on tv now... and we're starting it tonighhhht)!! and this whole time i thought it was downto*wn abbey. sad ;).

  10. ... having that toast w/in the NEXT HOUR. {best flavor combo ever}

  11. Downton Abbey is dangerously addictive!I love it!

  12. was seriously about to post the rose byrne photos to my blog. SHE KILLED IT. xx

  13. Try it the Chilean way (my son's godmother put me on) -- mash an avocado with olive oil and sea salt and spread on toast. Delicious!!


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