Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have a cozy weekend, y'all!

Howdy friends! Minnesota dipped into negatives this week so we ran away to Austin (the perks of being related to an airline pilot!) but if we were still snow bound I'd be dipping into my stash of Bellocq Tea. I had ordered some for myself and fell in love with it so of course I had to order it for the shop as well - current favorite is Hindu Holiday - yum!

also new to the shop, more amazing A Peace Treaty
scarves! Super gorgeous and soft - the perfect mid winter breath of fresh air...Okay, off to consume ridiculous amounts if texmex... Happy Weekend!
Ps - i almost forgot!! Take an extra 50% off all SALE items - enter "Halfoff" at checkout
Pps - sorry for wonky post - typing it via phone ;)


  1. love that you did a post via your phone!

    happy weekend in austin.

  2. ditto to stephanie's comment ;).

  3. I was seriously going to get in on and give you props for posting from your phone. HAHAHAHA
    Everyone is impressed.
    Enjoy the texmex sunshine.


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