Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Breanna, Scout & Catalogue

Whoa! Did Christmas just come and go? (and can I breathe a secret sigh of relief?) Hope you all had a fantastic holiday! It was a whopping 50 degrees here yesterday, sunny & NO SNOW! Which was like a huge present to me...I still have a whole weeks worth of designer wish lists to post (which can come in handy if you have some xmas money burning a hole in your pocket - speaking of, have you checked out the major sale over at the shop?)...Next up is Breanna of Scout & Catalogue fame...I know that quite a few of her constellation clutches were nestled in boxes under the tree and I just might of snuck away a neon one for myself...

Something you Want: 
Obviously I'm a sucker for large beautiful scarves and I've been eyeing up this indigo A Peace Treaty wrap for awhile now. 

Something you Need: 
I'm in desperate need of winter shoes and the classic Swedish Hasbeens Jodhpur boots in black are calling my name. (on model photo courtesy of Wikstenmade

Something to Wear: 
This is our second true Canadian winter and this time I'm going to be ready for it with one of these amazing recycled fur hats by Rachel F.

  Something to Read: 
If you had the choice to travel into the past or future which direction would you choose? I would definitely head for the past but since time travel isn't an option the lovely book At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson is surely the next best thing. Using the traditional Victorian English home as a guide Bryson takes you through history and shows you how our current domestic habits have been shaped by our past.


  1. OMG - those boots are insane in the best possible way! Would be darling with tights and leggings dressed up or down

  2. Love this list! Those boots are one of the best purchases I have ever made. The scarf is coming next...:)

  3. Love scout&catalogue, dying for those boots, and just got myself an alpaca hat that looks like I have an entire baby alpaca sitting on my head. I'm in love with it. Your list is basically my list.



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