Monday, December 7, 2009

I heart Les Nouvelles

Les Nouvelles, how do I love thee...let me count the ways:
1) a pitch perfect selection of up and coming designers that walk the line between edgy and pretty
2) the coolest "be your own stylist" feature ever...a virtual "paper doll" experience
3) The lovely "Style Notes", chock full of fashion news, inspiration and new arrivals
4) This Lover Cape, this Duskin dress, this Jenni Kayne TShirt Dress...and more
5) Owner Katie Hobbs, former Elle staffer, Atlanta native and all around cool girl...
6) 25% off all nonsale items thru Dec 31st!!! Use Code prettymama
Also, Katie put together some items that go straight from playdate to date night here!
7) I could go on but why don't you read Katie's holiday wishlist below and then head on over, play paper dolls for a bit, and take advantage of that discount!!

something you want... The "Coffret de Victoire" skull and gemstone ring by Dior Joaillerie. I would never take it off my finger! It would made a sweatsuit look chic. My husband thought this gift idea was "hilarious" so I don't think I'll be finding it under the tree this year, but a girl can dream...

 something you need...This Madeleine Thompson long striped cashmere dress. As a boutique owner, I should want everything to sell out, but if this baby is not gone by 12/25 it's all mine! I guess I don't "need" it, but once it's in my closet I'm sure I won't be able to live without it.
But I really NEED a Dyson's pretty sad that I'm excited about getting one. It's like the BMW of vacuums.

something to wear...I think this AKA Leopard Scarf will go with so many things and will definitely take me from winter to spring

and something to read...Going to Aspen for New Years and I'm more excited to cuddle up next to the fire with a book and red wine than to ski! I'm bringing Zadie Smith's new book - Changing My Mind, which is actually a collection of essays and prose - perfect for my short attention span.

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