Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift Guide - Texas Sized Edition - Pt 1 Austin

It's 5 degrees and snowing up a storm in MPLS so I thought I'd mentally head down to my home state and check in with 2 Austin based gals for my next gift guides...

I was super excited to see one of my favorite designers, Jesse Kamm, in the December issue of Vogue.  Recently relocated from LA to Austin and new mama to 6 month old Julien, she and husband Luke have started a genius new project - Home Grow Micro Farms.  Delivering pre-planted vegetable garden boxes directly to your home, it takes the guess work out of grow your own.  If you are in the Austin area I think this is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who has wanted to start a backyard garden but is a little intimidated by the start up process. 

Here's a look at the boxes and you can read lots more about it on the website!
Lovely that you can grow pretty much year round with these. Salad, greens, and beets/broccoli/and cauliflower are on January's menu.  Jesse writes "I am loving our kale and arugula.. the salads are AMAZING!!!!!"

She's also working on a little project featuring her's a peek and you can find more here .

Of course, she wasn't immune to our inquiries for a wishlist so here it is:

something you want... a gift certificate to dinner at "Justine's" in Austin

something you need... good night of sleep

something to wear... A new wool scarf

something to read..."Farm City", by Novella Carpenter.. I have been wanting to read it, but just can't find the time;)

Next up is designer and blogger Marisa Bosquez.  Marisa and I used to work in the retail trenches together but I lost track of her after she took off for F.I.T. in New York.  Always inspired by her talent and design sensibililty, I was curious what she ended up doing and thanks to the magic of facebook I tracked her's a peek at her lovely jewelry line and her holiday wishlist.  I hear she's been working on a kid's line as well - can't wait to see it.

something you want- Diana Mini (lomography camera) & cute animal prints by Sharon Montrose

something you need- a vacation, I would like to tour the Southwest in car & a job (ha ha)

something to wear- Minnetonka lace up booties & more black skinny jeans, I seem to never have enough (I prefer Levi's, they fit my curves and wear well- a classic)

and something to read- I would like to read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (discusses the facts about our food and the culture of why we eat it) and & The 50th Law by 50 Cent & Robert Greene (a manual for fearlessness inspired by the life of 50 Cent -Curtis Jackson)

Finally, just a little bit of Austin tradition from me to you - 37th Street Lights...xoxo

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