Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift Guide - Minneapolis Edition Pt 1 - Sarah Longacre

Just a few more gift guides for you last minute shoppers...Next up, a woman who completely transformed many areas of my life - the lovely and divine Miss Sarah Longacre.  Sarah is a doula, yogi and owner of Blooma Yoga Studio.  Not only did she guide me (and many, many others) through an amazing natural childbirth but her yoga studio has provided the twin cities with a haven for mamas and mamas-to-be...I walked into one of her prenatal yoga classes and went from a prissy "give me an epidural asap" expectant mom to a hippie, let's go natural earth mama...after Lila was born I practically lived at Blooma and I can't imagine how lonely my new mom experience would have been without her and all the amazing women I met there... She's also just raised over $20K to go to Uganda in February with Off The Mat into The World (an amazing cause - please check it out!) to build a birthing center. Truly an inspiration!! Here's her wishlist...

Something I want - comfy PJ's from Victory

Something I Need -  gloves that are smart and good looking (I forget that this is something you need in MN)

Something to Wear - A BIG fun and funky bling bling (but cheap) ring

Something to read - Monique and the Mango Rains

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  1. thanks for the recs! ppl forget that functionals items make great gifts. and that new moms do want to feel beautiful! ive done some of my shopping at and i really like this website. they have a great gift guide for moms and baby's first xmas, etc. today they sent an email about great last minute gifts. it's worth checking out


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