Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Guide - {frolic!}

For me, the best part about my gift guide series has been hearing from some of the most interesting and inspiring bloggers out there.  Chelsea Fuss, floral designer, prop stylist and author of the gorgeous blog {frolic!} is no exception.  I adore her unstudied, unfussy, and simply lovely arrangements and her posts are a little spot of sunshine out there on the interweb.  She's just returned from a stint in Sweden so we're looking forward to seeing lots more Scandanavian inspiration.  Thank you Chelsea for sharing your holiday wishlist!!
all photos above from {frolic!}

Something you want...A new lens for my camera.

Something you need... A work/live studio.

Something to wear...This jumper from Green Olives Design

And something to read... This new book about Laura Ashley

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